Media and Journalism

I write on a wide variety of science and society issues, and have had pieces on topics as diverse as Climate-change, nuclear power, vaccination, abortion, cancer, fluoridisation, religion, secularism, gun control, bad statistics, homophobia and human psychology. I also do some television and radio work, particularly debates. I'm also a joint-winner of the 2014 Nature / Sense about Science Maddox Prize. For my personal musings, check out my personal blog, Three Men make a tiger. You'll find my Guardian profile here, and some of my Irish Times Opinion pieces here (note that pieces older than 6 months get pay-walled on the Irish Times site). You'll also find me on twitter under the handle @drg1985 .

About Me


I really should select a better image but that would require time and energy, which means there's a Heisenberg joke in there somewhere (the real-life Physicist, not the fictional Drug Lord!). Please note this site is still in beta and will likely change in upcoming days! Any opinions expressed are my own and not those of the University unless they have a particularly cool opinion, in which case I'll shamelessly pilfer it and pass it off as my own.