Strobilanthes Blume [Acanthaceae] is a large genus of tropical plants which contains 400-500 species. Since Blume first described Strobilanthes in 1826 there have been various attempts to account for the variation within Strobilanthes. This has resulted in over sixty generic names asssigned to various taxa within Strobilanthes. Species delimitation and generic circumscription remain poorly understood across the whole geographical range of Strobilanthes including tropical Asia, India and Sri Lanka, New Guinea, Himalaya, Myanmar, China, Thailand,Indochina, Malesia and Philippines.

A central aim of the research is to write a taxonomic account of Strobilanthes. Recent emphasis has been on taxa from Sri Lanka and South India, Indonesia and the Philippines. The research is using both morphological and molecular data including detailed pollen and seed anatomy. Molecular data include DNA sequence data from ndhF, trnL-F and ITS. The results of a morphological cladistic analysis of Strobilanthes from southern India and Sri Lanka are available here.