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Title: On Programs and Genomes

Author: Eric Werner

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We outline the global control architecture of genomes. A theory of genomic control information is presented. The concept of a developmental control network called a cene (for control gene) is introduced. We distinguish parts genes from control genes or cenes. Cenes are interpreted and executed by the cell and, thereby, direct cell actions including communication, growth, division, differentiation and multi-cellular development. The cenome is the global developmental control network in the genome. The cenome is also a cene that consists of interlinked sub-cenes that guide the ontogeny of the organism. The complexity of organisms is linked to the complexity of the cenome. The relevance to ontogeny and evolution is mentioned. We introduce the concept of a universal cell and a universal genome.

Key words: Control  information, genome control architecture, cenome, cene, developmental control networks, genome architecture, multi-agent systems, complexity, ontogeny, embryology, multi--‐cellular development, universal cell, universal genome, evolution


in silico Mulicellular Development( Eric Werner)

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