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Balliol College University of Oxford

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Interdisciplinary Seminar

Conceptual and Logical Foundations of Information in Multiagent Systems
(with applications to systems biology)

Denis Noble and Eric Werner

Time and Place: Thursdays 1-2:30PM, Massey Room, Balliol College

Taking a hiatus from our Conceptual Foundations of Systems Biology Seminar, we focus this term on the
more formal topic of information in systems generally, artificial, computational, social, economic and
biological. We enter into both historical and recent research that relates logic with information in
distributed systems of agents. Of particular interest and focus will be information in all its aspects:

  • Information theory from various perspectives.
  • Modal logic and information
  • Information and time
  • Information, interaction and cooperation
  • Communication and information
  • Category theory, games and information
  • Linear logic, temporal logic, process algebra, dynamic logic
  • Complexity theory and information
  • Entropy and information
  • Quantum mechanics and information
  • The philosophy of information
  • Information processing in biological systems

Our readings will cover some of these areas including essays from the forthcoming Handbook on Logic and Information. Related to this seminar is the OASIS seminar series which runs in the Comlab on Fridays and covers some related topics from a different perspective.

All those with interest in these areas are welcome. While the themes are again interdisciplinary they will be more formal in nature, but again we will learn from each other in a mutual process of discovery. We will all be in distributed boats in an ocean of knowledge each trying to understand and share our understanding of the topic under discussion.

Again, note the time change from Fridays to Thursdays 1-2:30PM Balliol College, Massey Room.


in silico Mulicellular Development( Eric Werner)

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