Mini-Conference at University of Oxford, April 8-9, 2010

Department of Economics, Manor Road Building


International Comparisons of Prices, Income and Productivity

Peter Neary, Organizer



Map of Locations

Photos (thanks to Bettina Aten):


THURSDAY, April 8, 2010


9:15 a.m.         Introductions and welcome


Session I:  Theory of International Comparisons


9:30–10:20      A Revealed Preference Aggregation Theorem

Ian Crawford, Oxford (with L. Cherchye, B. De Rock and F. Vermeulen)

Discussant: Erwin Diewert, UBC


10:20–10:50    Break


10:50–11:40    A General Blueprint for International Productivity Comparison

Bert Balk, Erasmus University, Rotterdam

Discussant: Peter Neary, Oxford


11:40–11:55    Break


11:55–12:45    Some Extensions of the Country-Product-Dummy Method for Comparing Price Levels Across Countries: An Application to the Asia-Pacific Region

Robert Hill, University of Graz (with Iqbal Syed)

Discussant: D.S. Prasada Rao, University of Queensland


12.45–2:15      Lunch outside Seminar Room G


Session II:  Comparing Real Incomes


2:15–3:05        Comparing Real Income of Regions of the US in an Economic Approach Framework

Bettina Aten, Bureau of Economic Analysis and Marshall Reinsdorf, Bureau of Economic Analysis 

Discussant: Nick Oulton, LSE


3.05–3.35        Break


3:35–4:25        Poverty Reduction in India – New Evidence Based on Micro Data

Ingvild Almεs, Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration (with Anders Grψn Kjelsrud and Rohini Somanathan)

Discussant: Paul Segal, Oxford


4:25–4.40        Break


4:40–5:30        The Wealth and Poverty of Nations: True PPPs for 141 Countries

Nick Oulton, LSE

Discussant: Robert Feenstra, UC Davis



FRIDAY, April 9, 2010


Session III:  GDP and Convergence


9:30–10:20      Banking sector output measurement: a new approach

                        Robert Inklaar, University of Groningen (with A. Colangelo)

Discussant:  Ina Simonovska, UC Davis


10:20–10:50    Break


10:50–11:40    How Big is China? And Other Puzzles in the Measurement of Real GDP

Robert Feenstra, UC Davis (with Hong Ma, J. Peter Neary and D.S. Prasada Rao)

Discussant: Marshall Reinsdorf, Bureau of Economic Analysis


11:40–11:55    Break


Session IV:  Trade


11:55–12:45    Elasticity of Trade: Estimates and Evidence

Ina Simonovska, UC Davis (with Michael E. Waugh)

Discussant: Robert Inklaar, University of Groningen


12.45–2:15      Lunch outside Seminar Room G


Session IV:  Trade (cont.)


2:15–3:05        Real output, expenditure and terms of trade across countries: An international input-output approach

                        Marcel Timmer, University of Groningen (with Robert Inklaar)

Discussant: Robert Hill, University of Graz


3.05–3.35        Break


Session V:  Round Table on ICP (International Comparisons Project) 2011


3:35–4:35        Methods of Aggregation above the Basic Heading Level for Regional and Global Comparisons in the ICP

Erwin Diewert, University of British Columbia 


A Minimum Distance and the Generalised EKS Approaches to Multilateral Comparisons of Prices and Real Incomes

D.S. Prasada Rao, University of Queensland (with Sriram Shankar and Golamreza Hajarghasht)



Alan Heston, University of Pennsylvania