Graduate Lecture Notes on International Trade

Peter Neary
Professor of Economics, Department of Economics, University of Oxford

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Lecture Notes

(pdf files except where noted; these files are liable to be revised, in which case I will give the latest date)
  1. Introduction
  2. Trade and Comparative Advantage
  3. Neoclassical Trade:
  4. The Gravity Equation:
  5. Monopolistic Competition:
  6. Heterogeneous Firms:
  7. Empirical Evidence on Firms and Trade
  8. Oligopoly and Trade:
  9. Foreign Direct Investment:
  10. Superstar Firms:

Supplementary Notes

(This file is a presentation of a paper on which I am currently working. )
  1. Notes on Technology, Demand, and the Size Distribution of Firms

Background Papers

(These papers, part of the output of my ERC-funded project, will be mentioned in class.)


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