Department of Economics
University of Oxford


My research has been published in general-interest journals (e.g. QJE, REStud, REStat), field journals (e.g. JIE, JDE, JME), reference journals (e.g. ARE), and policy-oriented publications (e.g. CEPR-ECB, World Bank, Vox EU).

  • Multi-Product Firms and Product Quality pdf
    Journal of International Economics (forthcoming). (with Zhihong Yu
    • Featured as VOX column at, Sep 2017.
  • How Firms Export: Processing vs. Ordinary Trade with Financial Frictions pdf slides
    Journal of International Economics 100 (2016), p.120-137. (with Zhihong Yu)
    • Featured as VOX column at, May 2013.

  • International Trade, Multinational Activity, and Corporate Finance pdf
    Annual Review of Economics 7 (2015), p.119-146. (with Fritz Foley)

  • Financial Development and the Choice of Trade Partners pdf slides
    Journal of Development Economics 116 (2015), p.122-145(forthcoming)(forthcoming). (with Jackie M.L. Chan)

  • Global Value Chains and Multinational Activity with Financial Frictions pdf
    2015. In J. Amador and F. di Mauro ed.,