Petr Sedláček
Associate Professor


In the Media

The Czech labor market: Don't judge a book by its cover, 19.2.2013 (in Czech)

Take the estimates of the banking lobby with a grain of salt

Hospodářské Noviny, 17.6.2010 (in Czech)

Once unemployed, always unemployed?

Ekonom, 26.3.2006 (in Czech)

Is the national bank an economic Sisyphus?

Hospodářské Noviny, 21.2.2005 (in Czech)

SBS Australia

radio interview, 11.9.2010 (in Czech)

My family

Mum: Tennis world number 1 (no pressure!)

Dad: That's where I got my interest in economics from

Brother: Corporate lawyer in best Czech law firm

My former life

My research life