Petr Sedláček
Associate Professor

Current Teaching


Past Teaching


Macroeconomics III, graduate course
summer 2016, together with Filip Matejka

London School of Economics and Political Science

Tools for Macroeconomists: The essentials, summer school
main instructor Wouter den Haan, August 2014-2017
teaching evaluations: 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Monash University

Solving and estimating DSGE models, Monash Macroeconomics Summer School
February 2016

Tinbergen Institute

Solving and analyzing DSGE models, graduate course

University of Bonn

Dynamic Macroeconomics, PhD course
summer 2015 [teaching evaluations]

Proseminar, bachelor course
summer 2015 and 2017
teaching evaluations: 2015, 2017

Labor economics, graduate course
winter 2012-2015
teaching evaluations: 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Topics in macroeconomics: Costs of business cycles, PhD course
summer 2014

Project module: Firm dynamics and job flows, graduate course
winter 2013 [teaching evaluations]

Topics in macroeconomics: Firm dynamics, PhD course
winter 2012

Macro Discussion Group, with Moritz Kuhn

University of California Berkeley

Aggregate economics, graduate course
with Benjamin Schoefer and Amir Kermani

Universiteit van Amsterdam

Economic growth, graduate course
2012 [teaching evaluations]