Dercon, Stefan (ed.), Insurance against Poverty, forthcoming 2003.


Table of Contents


Overview                                                                                                 Stefan Dercon



Risk and Insurance: evidence


Chapter 1         Risk, Insurance and Poverty: a review                               Stefan Dercon

                                (based on DP2002/22 Income Risk, Coping Strategies and Safety Nets)


Chapter 2         Consumption Smoothing Across Space: Testing Theories of Risk-Sharing in the ICRISAT Study Region of South India

                                                                                                         Jonathan Morduch

(DP2002/55 file)

Risk and Poverty: Theory


Chapter 3         The Two Poverties                                                        Abhijit Banerjee

(file )


Chapter 4         Inequality and Risk                                                    Marcel Fafchamps

(DP2002/07 file)


Risk and Poverty Persistence


Chapter 5         Household Income Dynamics in Rural China

                                                                              Jyotsna Jalan and Martin Ravallion

(DP2002/10 file)


Chapter 6         Health, Shocks and Poverty Persistence

                                                                               Stefan Dercon and John Hoddinott

(DP2003/08 file)


Chapter 7         The Macroeconomic Repercussions of Agricultural Shocks and their Implications for Insurance  Paul Collier

(DP2002/46 file)


Identifying the Vulnerable


Chapter 8         Measuring Vulnerability to Poverty                                                          

                                                                      Gisele Kamanou and Jonathan Morduch

(DP2002/58 file)


Chapter 9         Targeting and Informal Insurance                                          Ethan Ligon

(DP2002/08 file)


Risk and Social Institutions


Chapter 10       Risk-Sharing and Endogenous Network Formation

                                                                                                        Joachim De Weerdt

(DP2002/57 File)


Chapter 11       Is a Friend in Need a Friend Indeed? Inclusion and Exclusion in Mutual Insurance Networks in Southern Ghana

                                         Markus Goldstein, Alain de Janvry and Elisabeth Sadoulet

(DP2002/25 text  figures)


Chapter 12       The Gradual Erosion of the Social Security Function of Customary Land Tenure Arrangements in Lineage-Based Societies

                                                                                                  Jean-Philippe Platteau

(DP2002/26 file)


Safety nets and social institutions


Chapter 13       Do Public Transfers Crowd Out Private Transfers? Evidence from a Randomized Experiment in Mexico

                                                                      Pedro Albarran and Orazio P. Attanasio

(DP2002/06: file)


Chapter 14       Food Aid and Informal Insurance

               Stefan Dercon and Pramila Krishnan

(DP2003/09: file)


Chapter 15       Why isn't there more Financial Intermediation in Developing Countries? Jonathan Conning and Michael Kevane

(DP2002/28: file)


Developing better protection for the poor


Chapter 16       Can-Food-for-Work Programmes Reduce Vulnerability?

                                             Christopher B. Barrett, Stein Holden and Daniel C. Clay

(DP2002/24: file)


Chapter 17       Incorporating Insurance Provisions in Microfinance Contracts: Learning from VisaŽ?     Loīc Sadoulet

(DP2002/56  text )


Chapter 18       Can Financial Markets be Tapped to Help Poor People Cope with Weather Risks?     

                                     Jerry Skees, Panos Varangis, Donald Larson and Paul Siegel

(DP2002/23 file)



Chapter 19       Risk, Poverty and Public Action                                        Stefan Dercon