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Publications and Working Papers:   Children and Poverty     Stefan Dercon

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·         Journal Articles

Orphanhood and human capital destruction : is there persistence into adulthood?”, (2010),  (with Kathleen Beegle and Joachim De Weerdt), Demography, Vol.47, No.1, February 2010, pp. 163-180.

"Poverty and the Psychosocial Competencies of Children: Evidence from the Young Lives Sample in Four Developing Countries", (2009), (with P. Krishnan), Children, Youth and Environments 19(2), 138-163.

“The intergenerational impact of the African orphans crisis: a cohort study from an HIV/AIDS affected area”,(2009) with K.Beegle and J.De Weerdt), International Journal of Epidemiology, 38 (2): 561-568.

 Orphanhood and the Long-Run Impact on Children” (2007) (with Kathleen Beegle and Joachim De Weerdt), American Journal of Agricultural Economics, vol. 88, no.5, pp 1266-1272.