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Publications and Working Papers:  Poverty and Measurement        Stefan Dercon

·         Working Papers

“Vulnerability to Poverty”, (with C.Calvo), 2007, Centre for the Study of African Economies Series WPS/2007-03 (under revision)

“Measuring Individual Vulnerability” (with C.Calvo), 2005, Economics Series Working Papers 229, University of Oxford, Department of Economics

·         Journal Articles

 "Poverty and the Psychosocial Competencies of Children: Evidence from the Young Lives Sample in Four Developing Countries", (2009), (with P. Krishnan), Children, Youth and Environments 19(2), 138-163.

“Rural Poverty: Old Challenges in New Contexts”, 2009,  World Bank Research Observer

 “Review Article: The Complementarities of Poverty Reduction, Equity, and Growth: A Perspective on the World Development Report 2006”, (2006), (with Paul Collier), Economic Development and Cultural Change, vol. 55 no.1, 223-236.

"Economic reform, Growth and the Poor: Evidence from Rural Ethiopia", 2006, Journal of Development Economics, vol. 81, issue 1, pp.1-24.

"Pathways out of Poverty. Private Firms and Economic Mobility in Developing Countries" (book review), 2005, Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. XLII (June, 2005).

“Globalisation and the poor: waiting for Nike in Ethiopia?”, (2003), Tijdschrift voor Economie en Management, pp.603-618.

“Vulnerability, seasonality and poverty in Ethiopia”, (2000), Journal of Development Studies, Vol.36, No.6, August (with Pramila Krishnan).

“Community Targeting for Poverty Reduction in Burkina Faso”, (2000), Vol.14, No.1, January 2000, World Bank Economic Review (with D.Bigman, D.Guillaume and M.Lambotte).


  • Book


The Impact of Economic Reforms on Rural Households in Ethiopia, 2002, Washington D.C. World Bank.


  • Book Chapters

“Chronic Poverty and All That: The Measurement of Poverty over Time”, (2008) (with C.Calvo), in T.Addison, D.Hulme, and R.Kanbur, Poverty Dynamics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives, Oxford University Press. (wp version here)

 “Moving On, Staying Behind, Getting Lost: Lessons on poverty mobility from longitudinal data (with J. Shapiro)”, 2007, in D.Narayan and P.Petesch, Moving out of Poverty, World Bank.

"Vulnerability: A Micro Perspective”, 2006 in Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE)--Europe 2006 . Ed. by François Bourguignon, Boris Pleskovic, and Jacques van der Gaag. Washington, DC: World Bank.

"Poverty Traps and Development: the efficiency-equity trade-off revisited", 2003, paper presented at the EUDN/AFD conference, Paris, November. PDF. Published as "The Microeconomics of Poverty and Inequality: The Equity-Efficiency Trade-Off Revisited", in AFD, Poverty, Inequality and Growth, Proceedings of the AFD-EUDN Conference, 2003, November 2004.

'Poverty measurement', in D. A. Clark (ed.), The Elgar Companion to Development Studies. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar, 2006. (wp version here)

“Risk, Poverty and Public Action”, in S.Dercon, (2004), Insurance against Poverty, Oxford University Press, 2004. table of contents and link to all papers

"Changes in poverty in villages in rural Ethiopia: 1989-95", (with Pramila Krishnan),  in A.Booth and P.Mosley, (eds.) (2003), The New Poverty Strategies , Palgrave MacMillan, London.  

 Vulnerability, seasonality and poverty in Ethiopia”, (with Pramila Krishnan), in Baulch, B. and J.Hoddinott (eds.), 2000, Economic Mobility and Poverty Dynamics in Developing Countries, Frank Cass: London.

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