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   Stefan Dercon




Ethiopian Rural Household Survey

Most of my work has been applied microeconomics, with a focus on Africa and rural issues. In recent years, this has been mainly on risk and poverty, often using a panel data set on Ethiopia with which I have been closely involved since 1993. Some of the rounds are in the public domain. Gradually more rounds are being made available for public use. For details on the Ethiopian Rural Household Survey, click here.

Kagera Health and Development Survey

I have also been closely involved in developing another long-term panel data set, this time in the Kagera Region of Tanzania. This data set is a long-term panel data, known as the KHDS2.  In this survey, all individuals interviewed during a panel data survey between 1991-94 have been resurveyed in 2004. For more on this work, see the EDI Website. (Note that the entire data set is now in the public domain.)

ICRISAT new survey 2001-2007

Much time and effort has been spent attempting to re-start the ICRISAT village level panel data survey, linking data from 1975-85 to new data collection efforts, creating a unique individual level panel data set covering 30 years. All individuals ever interviewed, as well as all their offspring are being traced. Some of the resulting data from this effort have now been released and can be obtained via this link.

Young Lives

This is a longitudinal cohort study, following 12000 children in four countries from childhood into adulthood, in Peru, Vietnam, Ethiopia and India. Data are being released into the public domain. More details here.