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Publications and Working Papers:  Risk-sharing and Insurance        Stefan Dercon
Faced with risk, many communities have developed relatively sophisticated mutual support mechanisms. In recent year, my work in this area has focused on semi-formal institutions such as funeral societies, rather than just informal relationships. I am also keenly interested in the implications of these existing mechanisms for public insurance systems, such as transfer schemes and safety nets.

       Working Papers

"Insurance, Credit and Safety Nets for the Poor in a World of Risk",  (with Daniel Clarke) (2009) Working Papers 81, United Nations, Department of Economics and Social Affairs. (wp version here)

"Contract Design in Insurance Groups", (2009), (with Tessa Bold) Economics Series Working Papers 421, University of Oxford, Department of Economics. (wp version here)

         Journal Articles

"Group-based Funeral Insurance in Ethiopia and Tanzania", 2006, with J.De Weerdt, T.Bold, and A.Pankhurst, World Development, vol. 34, no.4, April, pp 685-703.

"Risk-Sharing Networks and Insurance Against Illness", 2006, (with Joachim De Weerdt), Journal of Development Economics, vol 81, no. 2, pp. 337-356. (wp version here)

"Risk sharing and labour markets", 2003, World Bank Economic Review, (with A.Bigsten, P.Collier, M.Fafchamps, B.Gauthier, J.Gunning, A.Oduro, R.Oostendorp, C.Pattillo, M.Soderbom, F.Teal and A.Zeufack), vol. 17 (3): 349-366. (wp version here)

“Income Risk, Coping Strategies and Safety Nets”, (2002), World Bank Research Observer,  December, Vol. 17 (2), pp. 141-66.

“In Sickness and in Health: Risk-sharing within households in rural Ethiopia”, (2000), Journal of Political Economy, Vol. 108, No.4, August, pp.688-727 (with Pramila Krishnan).

“Filets de sécurité, épargne et protection sociale informelle dans les économies sujettes à des crises”, (2000), Vol. 1-2, Revue d’Economie de Développement, p.191-206.

“Vulnerability, seasonality and poverty in Ethiopia”, (2000), Journal of Development Studies, Vol.36, No.6, August (with Pramila Krishnan).

 ·         Books

Insurance against Poverty, 2004, Oxford University Press (Edited volume, 445 pages.)  table of contents and link to all papers

 ·         Book Chapters

"Risk-Coping Strategies" in S. Durlauf and L. Blume New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics, 2nd edition, 2008.

"Networks and Informal Mutual Support in 15 Villages in Ethiopia", (J. Hoddinott and P. Krishnan), in J. Kirsten, A.Dorward, C.Poulton and N.Vink(eds.) (2009), Institutional Economics Perspectives on African Agricultural Development [pdf] (longer version of similar material  “Collective action and vulnerability: Burial societies in rural Ethiopia”, (with J. Hoddinott, P.Krishnan and T.Woldehanna), 2007,GPRG-WPS-076 (under revision))

“Insurance for the Poor?” In A. Barrientos and D. Hulme (eds.), 2007, Social Protection for the Poor and the Poorest: Risk, Needs and Rights, Palgrave. (wp version here       )

"Vulnerability: A Micro Perspective”, 2006 in Annual World Bank Conference on Development Economics (ABCDE)--Europe 2006 . Ed. by François Bourguignon, Boris Pleskovic, and Jacques van der Gaag. Washington, DC: World Bank. (wp version here)

"Risk, Poverty and Public Action”, in S.Dercon, (2004), Insurance against Poverty, Oxford University Press, 2004. table of contents and link to all papers

"Income Risk, Coping Strategies and Safety Nets" in S.Dercon, (2004), Insurance against Poverty, Oxford University Press. table of contents and link to all papers

"Food Aid and Informal Insurance" (with Pramila Krishnan) in S.Dercon (2004), Insurance against Poverty, Oxford University Press.  table of contents and link to all papers

Safety nets, savings and informal social security systems in crisis-prone economies”, in Stiglitz, J. and P.Muet, Governance, Equity and Global Markets, Oxford University Press, 2001

 ·         Briefing Note

Dercon, Stefan, 2007. "Designing insurance for the poor", (2007) 2020 vision briefs BB40 Special Edition, International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI).

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