Elizabeth Frazer,

 New College, Oxford

Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford

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Speeches, Presentations and Public Discussions


Saturday January 31 2009, panel discussant: ‘Obama: is he an Othello for our times?’ Royal Shakespeare Company event at Warwick Arts Centre


Sunday September 30 2007 ‘Shakespeare, England and Citizenship’, panel discussion in series ‘The English Debate’ Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford on Avon


November 28 2006 ‘Idéaux de communication et réalité politique, comment les réconcilier? à ‘Changer nos habitudes de communication?’ European Commission, Brussels


Sunday July 2 2006, Shakespeare and Leadership, panel discussion in series ‘Broadside Brunch’ Royal Shakespeare Theatre, Stratford on Avon


Wed May 17 2006  BBC Radio 3.  ‘Nightwaves’ Soft Paternalism radio discussion, to mark 2nd centenary of birth of J.S.Mill. 


Wed Mar 8 2006,  Women and Politics, speech for International Women’s Day event, Oxford Women in Politics, St John’s College, Oxford                                                                                                                              



June 2005, BBC Radio 4,  ‘Analysis’  Love Thy Neighbour  presenter David Walker Producer Ingrid Hassler, Broadcast Thurs July 28 2005 2030 bst.  



February 7 2005 Royal Society of Arts/Royal Shakespeare Company    ‘Something rotten in the state: can tragedy teach us to become better citizens?  at Royal Society of Arts, London



Friday July 23 2004   This healing force: Tragedy and the State’ panel discussion in ‘Tragic Pleasures, Discovering Shakespeare’s Tragedy’,  Royal Shakespeare Company, The Other Place,  Stratford upon Avon


October  2003 ‘Sex and the State in Measure for Measure’, contribution to panel discussion for ‘Shakespeare’s Darker Purposes – the State on Trial’,   Royal Shakespeare Company, The Swan Theatre, Stratford on Avon


July 2002 Leadership in Democracy  School for Leaders, Warsaw, Conference for Women Leaders, Augustow, Poland



July 02 (03, 04, 05) ‘What kind of a leader can a democratic woman be?’ at Women and Leadership Conference, University of Oxford


April 2002, Life without politics  Common Purpose, Matrix Programme, ‘Governance Day’, Oxford, UK. 



March 2002  Politics: Leadership in Democracy  Common Purpose Programme Directors’ and Managers’ Conference, Grantham, UK

February 26 2002 What is Politics Today? Common Purpose Forum, London  


Oct 2001.  Common Purpose, 2001-02 Matrix Programme, Governance Day, Milton Keynes


1998, Community Politics’  in ‘Citizen’ on line democracy magazine, Issue 2. Charter 88



October 1997, Publicity and Public Life: a response to Susan Moller Okin’s ‘Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women?’ Boston Review: a political and literary forum’


reprinted in Is Multiculturalism Bad for Women? edited by Joshua Cohen and Matthew Howard, Princeton Univerisity Press, 1999.