Politics and IR Research Training



Elizabeth Frazer

New College, Oxford

tel 2 79516; email: elizabeth.frazer@new.oxford.ac.uk

Sophie Duchesne

Nuffield College, Oxford



Hilary Term 2003

Fridays, Weeks 4, 6,7,8, , 4.00-6.00 p.m.

Department of Politics and IR, George Street


††††††††††† In this course participants will be required to design, conduct, transcribe and analyse one or more research interviews.Some participants willin any case be about to embark on interview research and for them this might be part of a serious pilot or pre-pilot study.††† Others will have to design some interviews speciallyfor the purpose of the course.The sessions emphasise practical exercises on the conduct of interviews and focus groups in the context of Politics and IR research.We also focus on issues of reliability and validity in connection with interview and focus group data and analysis.





Session 1††††††††† Interviews and focus groups in politics research design:

††††††††††††††††††††††† Validity and reliability of interview and focus group data††††††††††††††


††††††††††† In this first session our discussion of the methodological and theoretical issues and difficulties of interview research will be based on some readingfrom the academic literature, and on some class exercises.



Session 2††††††††† Access

Designing an interview or focus group schedule


††††††††††† In this session participants will work in small groups designing interview or focus group schedules



Session 3††††††††† Conducting interviews and focus groups


††††††††††† In this session we will conduct, observe, and critically review reasonably long focus group sessions and interviews



Session 4††††††††† Interview and focus group transcripts


††††††††††† In this final session transcripts of interviews and focus group sessions from Week 3 will be available for the groupís scrutiny




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