Department of Politics and International Relations



Hilary Term 2003

Political Theory Core Lectures


Examination Schools

Tuesdays 12 noon



Weeks 1-4      Elizabeth Frazer, New College


Week 1           Freedom and Equality I

                        Is there a trade off between freedom and equality?


Week 2           Freedom and Equality II

                        Freedom, Equality and Politics


Week 3           Authority and Obligation I

                        Authority, Freedom and Equality


Week 4           Authority and Obligation II

                        Obligation and Political Obligation


Weeks 5-8      Adam Swift, Balliol College


Week 5           Social Justice I

                        Justice, rights and duties


Week 6           Social Justice II

                        Fairness, entitlement and desert


Week 7           Rights I

                        Rights: negative and positive


Week 8           Rights II

                        Rights, interests and agency