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Official Fellow and Tutor in Politics, New College, Oxford ;  University Lecturer in Politics, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford;     Address: New College, Oxford, OX1 3BN, UK, elizabeth.frazer@new.oxford.ac.uk  tel: 44 1865 279516 ннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннннн

Curriculum Vitae


BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics (1st class), Oxford l984

D Phil Sociology, Oxford l987


Academic Career

Pembroke College, Oxford

BA Politics Philosophy and Economics, 1981-1984

D Phil (ESRC Studentship) 1984-1987


New College, Oxford

Rank Manning Junior Research Fellow, 1987-1990

Official Fellow and Tutor in Politics, 1990-date


University of Oxford

 Lecturer in Politics, 1990-date


Administrative Positions

Chairwoman, Oxford University Women’s Studies Committee, 1989-1994; Convenor 1996-date

Dean, New College, 1990-1994

Chairwoman, Oxford University Politics SubFaculty Political Theory Panel 1992-1994, 1995-1997

Chairwoman, Sub-Faculty of Politics 1998-1999

Director of Research Training, Department of Politics, 1999-2003


Main Publications


Sex Differences in Political Knowledge in Britain  with Ken Macdonald in Political Studies vol 51 no.1 March 2003

' "Probably the most public occasion the world has ever known": public and private in press coverage of the death and funeral of Diana, Princess of Wales' in Journal of Political Ideologies vol 5 pp201-223 2000

'Citizenship Education: Anti-Political Culture and Political Education in Britain' Political Studies vol 48 pp88-103 2000.  Abridged version published in Education for Democracy: Contexts, Curricula, Assessments  Walter C Parker (ed) Greenwich Ct: Information Age Publishing 2002;  abridged version published in Andrew Lockyer, Bermard Crick and John Annette (eds) Education for Democratic Citizenship: issues of theory of practice Aldershot: Ashgate, 2003

The Problems of Communitarian Politics: Unity and Conflict: Oxford, Oxford University Press, 1999 [Preface and Introduction]

Elizabeth Frazer and Nicola Lacey (1993): The Politics of Community: a Feminist Critique of the Liberal Communitarian Debate, Harvester Wheatsheaf, Hemel Hempstead

Elizabeth Frazer, Jennifer Hornsby, Sabina Lovibond, (eds) (1993) Ethics: a Feminist Reader Blackwell, Oxford

Feminist Talk and Talking about Feminism: teenage girls' discourses of gender". Oxford Review of Education vol 15 1989

Cameron,Deborah; Frazer,Elizabeth (1989): "Knowing What to Say: the Construction of Gender in Linguistic Practice". In: Social Anthropology and the Politics of Language. Sociological Review Monograph 36. (Ed: Grillo,Ralph) Routledge, London

"Teenage Girls Talking About Class". Sociology Vol 22 1988

 Deborah Cameron and Elizabeth Frazer, (1987): The Lust to Kill: a feminist investigation of sexual murder. Polity Press, Cambridge.


New College, Oxford

Department of Politics & International Relations, University of  Oxford

University of Oxford On Line Media Guide


Oxford Review of Education (Taylor and Francis) Electronic copies (includes special issue on Political Education edited by EJF Vol 25 March 1999)

Journal of Political Ideologies (Taylor and Francis, Oxford  )Electronic copies  (includes Vol 5 June 2000 which includes ‘Probably the most public occasion.....’)

Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (Frank Cass, London) http://www.frankcass.com/jnls

International Journal of Citizenship and Teacher Education (CitizED, Teacher Training Agency)  http://www.citized.info/ijcte/http://www.citized.info/ijcte/

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