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Department of Engineering Science, Parks Road, Oxford, OX1 3PJ

Welcome to my webpage, which is designed to give an overview of my research and other activities. My expertise and work are mainly focused in developing methodologies for studying the structure-property-composition relationship of a wide range of material systems, including metals, alloys, composites, polymers, pharmaceuticals and biologicals. Specific areas of interest include:

  • Development & Applications of Environmental Scanning Electron Microscopy;
  • EDX & EBSD in (E)SEM mode;
  • In-situ mechanical testing in the (E)SEM;
  • Development & Applications of Macromechanical testing techniques;
  • Non-equilibrium solidification & processing;
  • Research Management.
For more information, please see the links below. If you would like to discuss any aspects of my work or just share an idea, you are more than welcome to contact me.

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Selected Research Papers

Recent Applications of In-situ Mechanical Characterisation on Micro- and Nano-systems

On some aspects of latex drying – ESEM observations

Novel applications of ESEM and EDX for the study of molecularly thin amide monolayers on polymer films

A new tensile stage for in-situ examination of the mechanical properties of super-elastic materials

The Solidification of Undercooled Melts via twinned dendritic growth

Mechanical deformation of dendrites by fluid flow during solidification of undercooled melts

Experimental Evidence for Dendrite Tip Splitting in Deeply Undercooled Ultrahigh Purity Cu

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Department of Materials, University of Leeds - Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge

Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford - Solid Mechanics & Materials Engineering Group

University of East Anglia, Norwich - University of Chemical Technologies & Metallurgy, Sofia, Bulgaria

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