The focus of the Howey Research Group is system design, diagnostics and control of electrochemical energy storage systems such as batteries, supercapacitors and fuel cells, in applications from electric cars to grid power systems.

We invent technologies to improve performance and cost by predicting dynamics and lifetime, estimating temperatures and faults, and measuring how and why devices perform and degrade in the real world. This requires us to address fundamental issues in modelling, instrumentation and data processing.

The group is led by Associate Professor David Howey and based within the Energy and Power Group at the Department of Engineering Science in the University of Oxford. We collaborate widely with industry; you can see our sponsors and partners at the bottom of each page on this website, and the research pages give more detail on individual projects which are themed around degradation, modelling, thermal management and system integration of energy storage, plus electrical machines.


Best poster prize for Jorn at UKES!

Graduate student Jorn Reniers won a best poster prize for his work on grid services and battery degradation modelling at the UK Energy Storage Conference 2016 last week - congratulations! Check out the winning poster.

Conferences (again)

Adrien Bizeray heads to Hawaii to present a paper on ‘Pitfalls in Simulating the Diffusion Potential of Li-Ion Cells’ at PRIME 2016 organised by ECS, and Rob Richardson heads to Minneapolis for the ASME DSCC 2016 conference where he is presenting on impedance based temperature monitoring of batteries.

Congratulations to Rob Richardson!

Huge congratulations to our doctoral student Rob Richardson who passed his D.Phil viva today, on the subject of impedance based battery temperature monitoring.

Welcome to new team members

Welcome to a new post-doc in the team, Dr Leong Kit Gan, who has recently finished his PhD in Edinburgh University on microgrids, and a new graduate student, Trishna Raj, joining us from Heriot Watt University.

New paper published in JECS

Our new paper together with Prof Charles Monroe entitled “Resolving a Discrepancy in Diffusion Potentials, with a Case Study for Li-Ion Batteries” has been published in the Journal of the ECS and will be presented at the next ECS meeting in October.