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I have been working as an archaeobotanist for over 10 years starting as an undergraduate at Bournemouth University on UK sites. While undertaking my MSc at UCL I worked on the 'The Early Farming in Dalmatia' project, directed by Professor Andrew Moore (Rochester Institute of Technology, NY) during 2005 and 2006, which introduced me to the archaeology of Croatia. Since then I have worked predominantly on plant remains collected from Croatia dating from the Neolithic (c. 6000 cal BC) through to the Medieval period. In 2013 I completed an AHRC funded PhD at the University of Leicester studying the development of farming from the late Neolithic to the late Bronze Age in the Carpathian Basin.

I currently work as a Project Manager at Oxford University for the Nano Science and Technology Group, but still spend time continuing my archaeobotanical work in Croatia. This involves advising archaeologists about the best way to recover plant remains, as well as examining and interpreting samples collected during excavations.


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Email: kellyreed@hotmail.co.uk