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Thursday 19th July 2007

The Everett interpretation: 50 years on - Simon Saunders [PowerPoint slides] [Comment - Robert Geroch]

Decoherence and ontology - David Wallace
[Questions - Simon Saunders & David Wallace]

Can the world be only wave-function? - Tim Maudlin

Two Dogmas About Quantum Mechanics - Jeffrey Bub and Itamar Pitowsky

Friday 20th July 2007

Probability in the Everett picture - David Z. Albert

Everett and Evidence - Wayne Myrvold and Hilary Greaves
[PowerPoint slides] [Comment - Barry Loewer]

Apart from universes - David Deutsch [PowerPoint slides]

The time symmetric QM and the MWI - Lev Vaidman [PowerPoint slides]

Quantum cosmology - James B. Hartle [PDF slides]

Some remarkable implications of probabilities without time - Andreas J. Albrecht [PDF slides]

Saturday 21st July 2007

A metaphysician looks at the Everett interpretation - John Hawthorne [Comment - James Ladyman]

Explaining probability - Simon Saunders [PowerPoint slides]
[Comment - Oliver Pooley]

Pilot-wave theory: Everett in denial? - Antony Valentini [Comment - Harvey Brown]

Round table discussion - David Wallace, Jeremy Butterfield, David Albert