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I'm an enthusiastic Italian researcher at the University of Oxford where I work with a group of awesome people in the field of Impact engineering. My research interests focus on the mathematical modelling of solids, multi-physics reduced order models and algorithm for collision detection.

If you want to know more, have a look at my résumé or



Bologna University, Italy

Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering (pretty standard stuff, but bloody hard!)


KTH - Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden

An amazing year as visiting student. Here I wrote my dissertation on CO2 reduction.


Swansea University, UK

I won the Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to study Computational Mechanics, and I started from Swansea.


École centrale de Nantes, France

I completed my Master of Science with a research project that lasted a whole year.


Oxford University, UK

Currently I'm a doctorate student. After years of theory, my research is concretely looking at impact and blast phenomena.



COMSOL LiveLink for Matlab

Inspect COMSOL's coefficient matrices with the Cuthill-McKee algorithm

Ballistic test

Predict the ballistic limit of shells and plates.

POD multi-physics model

Reduced order modelling via Proper Orthogonal Decomposition

Contact processing

What is the Expanding Polytope Algorithm (EPA)?

Gilbert-Johnson-Keerthi alg.

Improve GJK algorithm for faster and more accurate collision detection

Trivariate NURBS

MATLAB built-in libraries for manipulating curves, surfaces and solid NURBS

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