Preliminary Schedule

(as of 18 August, subject to modification)


Saturday, 19 August

Optional early arrival at St. Peter's College


Sunday, 20 August

10.30-11.30 Coffee and Registration

11.30-13.00 Papers 1


1A (Music Room): Milanese Connections

Chair: Bonnie Blackburn (Wolfson College)

 1B (JCR): Reformation and Counter-Reformation

Chair: David Mateer (Open University)
Wolfgang Fuhrmann (University of Vienna): The Salve Regina Ascribed to Dufay - A Milanese Composition?  Rebecca Oettinger (University of South Carolina): Ludwig Senfl, "Wretched Judas," and the Reformation
Saskia Rolsma (Opleiding Muziekwetenschap, Utrecht): Singing in the Duomo of Milan David Skinner (Christ Church, Oxford): Music and the Reformation in the Collegiate Church of St Mary and All Saints, Fotheringhay
  Christian Leitmeir (Universität München): Jacobus de Kerle (1531/32-1591): A Reactionary Reformer?

13.00 Lunch

14.00-15.30 Papers 2 (Parallel Sessions)

2A (Music Room): Beyond the Musical Text

Chair: Emma Hornby (Christ Church, Oxford)

2B (JCR): Models for the Renaissance Mass

Chair: Reinhard Strohm

(Wadham College, Oxford)
Joanna Melville-Richards: Number Symbolism in 14th-century Motets Fabrice Fitch (Durham): The Cantus Firmus Masses of Alexander Agricola
Susan G. Lewis (Princeton University):
The Politics of a Preface: Danish English Court Relations and the Dedications of Giardino novo I-II
David Mateer (Open University): Structure and Paraphrase in John Sheppard's Mass Be not afraid
Jon Banks: Chickens, Eggs, Carts and Horses: The Renaissance Manuscript as a Performance Document Martin Ham: Crecquillon's Mass Mort m'a privé and the Empress Isabella: A Musical Consolation


15.30 Tea

16.00-16.50 Lecture/Demonstration (JCR):

New Perspectives on the 'Stenographic Theory' of Byzantine Chant

Alexander Lingas (St. Peter's College, Oxford) and Ioannis Arvanitis (Ionian University, Corfu)


17.00-18.00 Papers 3 (Parallel Sessions)

3A (Music Room):
Manuscripts I: The Netherlands

Chair: David Kidger (Oakland University)

3B (JCR):

Chair: William P. Mahrt (Stanford)
Véronique Roelvink (Utrecht): Music for the Confraternity? 16th-century Music in the Archives of the Illustre Lieve Vrouwe Broederschap in 's-Hertogenbosch and Various Other Locations Noël Bisson (Cambridge, MA): The Joys of Mary: Gaude Texts in the Eton Choirbook
Jacobijn Kiel (University of Utrecht): The Choirbook Toledo F23 Bonnie Blackburn (Wolfson College, Oxford): Messages in Miniature: Theological Implications in the Alamire Manuscripts

18.30 Dinner


20.00 Music Festival Concert

Chapelle du Roi (Alistair Dixon, dir.)

Music From Two Empires

A programme of music for Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor,

and from the English court of Henry VIII and Mary Tudor

(Admission by programme)


Monday, 21 August

8.00 Breakfast

9.00-10.30 Papers 4 (Parallel Sessions)

4A (Music Room): Analysing Early Music

Chair: Suzannah Clark (Merton College, Oxford)

4B (JCR): Changing Perspectives

Ruth De Ford (Hunter College, CUNY)
Hendrik van der Werf: Form Analysis of Thirteenth-Century Motets David Allinson (London): Toward a New View of the Tudor Antiphon
Kinuho Endo (Tokyo National University of
Fine Arts and Music): 'Mass Unification in the Early Fifteenth Century: A Case of Arnold de
Lantins and Ciconia'
Panos Vlagopoulos (L. Voudouri Library, Athens): The Anonymous Florence (Magl. III, 70): Some Thoughts on the Meaning(s) of contrapunctus
Margaret Duncumb (Clare College, Cambridge): The Text as Structure Maureen Epp (University of Toronto/Wilfred Laurier University): Popular Arrangements in the Odhecaton, Canti B and Canti C: Redefining the Repertory

10.30 Coffee


11.00-13.00 Papers 5 (Parallel Sessions)

5A (Music Room): Bridging Chant Traditions

Chair: Joseph Dyer
(University of Massachusetts Boston)

5B (JCR): Guillaume de Machaut

Chair: TBA
Gregory Myers (Burnaby, British Columbia): Kiev and the Cloisters of Magna Graecia: Liturgical Bridges and Musical Links in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries Christian Berger (University of Freiburg): Machaut's Ballade Plourez dames in the Light of Real Modality
Rebecca Maloy (University of Cincinnati): Toward a Chronology of the Gregorian Offertory Cycle David Maw (Oriel College, Oxford): Parody Technique in the Secular Songs of Guillaume de Machaut
Emma Hornby (Christ Church, Oxford): The Relationship Between Gregorian and Old Roman Chant: A Progress Report William P. Mahrt (Stanford): Male and Female Voice in Two Virelais of Guillaume de Machaut
 Elizabeth Eva Leach (St. John's College, Oxford): Authorial Self-Representation in Machaut's Notated Ballades

13.00 Lunch


14.00-15.30 Papers 6 (Parallel Sessions)

6A (Music Room): Renaissance Rome

Chair: M. Jennifer Bloxam (Williams College)

6B (JCR): Manuscripts II

Chair: Elizabeth Eva Leach
(St. John's College, Oxford)
Mitchell Brauner (University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee): Marketing Music in the Age of Incipient Capitalism Margaret Bent (All Souls College, Oxford):
A new manuscript of chanson texts
David Kidger (Oakland University): Willaert, Josquin and the Papal Chapel: A Case of Misidentification, Politics and Musical Reputation David J. Smith (University Music, Aberdeen, Scotland): Seven Solutions for Seven Problems: The Fitzwilliam Virginal Book
Victoria Rowcroft (University of Southampton): Luca Marenzio and Giovanni Battista Moscaglia: Roman Musical Culture in the Late Sixteenth Century Yolanda Plumley (University College, Cork) and Anne Stone (Queens College, NY): Antiquarianism in the 15th and 19th Centuries and the Ownership of Chantilly 564

15.30 Tea

16.00-16.50 Lecture/Demonstration (JCR): Introducing the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music (Julia Craig-McFeely, Oxford and Royal Holloway)


17.00-18.00 Papers 7

7 (JCR): Renaissance Motets

Chair: Jessie Ann Owens (Brandeis University)
Franz Körndle (Universität München): Lasso's Music for the Theatre
Owen Rees (The Queen's College, Oxford): 'Recalling Cristóbal de Morales to Mind': Emulation in Francisco Guerrero's First Motet Collection

18.15 Pre-dinner Drinks

19.00 Banquet Dinner


20.30 Music Festival Concert

A Capella Portuguesa (Owen Rees, director)

Spanish and Portuguese Motets of the 'Golden Age'
Works by Morales, Guerrero, Pedro de Cristo, and Pero de Gamboa

(Admission by programme)


Tuesday, 22 August

8.00 Breakfast

9.00-10.30 Papers 8 (Parallel Sessions)

8A (Music Room): Reflections of Antiquity

Chair: Leofranc Holford-Strevens (OUP)

8B (JCR): Music in Institutional Life

Chair: Gregory Myers (Burnaby, BC)
Gabriela Ilnitchi (Eastman): Celestial Harmony and Plinian Astronomy in the Eriugenian Commentaries on Martianus Capella's De nuptiis Jurij Snoj (Institute of Musicology, Slovenian Academy of Arts and Sciences): The Plainchant Manuscripts from the Monastery of Zice
Stefano La Via (Università di Pavia): Eros and Thanatos: A Ficinian Reading of Verdelot's Sì lieta e grata morte Kay Slocum (Capital University): Liturgical Ceremony at Barking Abbey
  Bruno Bouckaert (Alamire Foundation): Musical Life in the Collegiate Church of Lille

10.30 Coffee


11.00-13.00 Papers 9 (Parallel Sessions)

9A (Music Room): Theories of Rhythm and Mode

Chair: John Caldwell (Jesus College, Oxford)

9B (JCR): Towards a (New) Critical Edition of Thomas Morley's A Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall Musicke

Chair: John Milsom (Middlebury College)
Fiona McAlpine (University of Auckland): Modal Ambiguity and the Phrygian Mode: The Witness of Regino of Prüm John Milsom: Editing Morley: Introduction and Overview
Pavlos Erevnidis (Athens): Aspects of the Theoretical Controversy Concerning the Byzantine Octoechos System of the Early 14th Century Jeremy Smith (University of Colorado, Boulder): Public Service and Courtly Pressures: A New View of the Publishing History of Morley's Plaine and Easie
Michael Friebel (University of Salzburg): Modal Rhythm: The Fourth Mode Cristle Collins Judd (University of Pennsylvania): Morley's Examples
Ruth De Ford (Hunter College, CUNY): Tactus alla breve in Renaissance Theory and Practice Jessie Ann Owens (Brandeis University): Morley on Cleffing: a Re-evaluation

13.00 Lunch

17.00 Music Festival Event

Byzantine Vespers for the Octave of the Dormition of the Mother of God


Conference Ends


Wednesday, 23 August

Optional late departure from St. Peter's College


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