Dr Sophie Marnette


My current research project is entitled Quoting her: Discourse, Gender, and Genre in Medieval French Short Narratives and funded through a British Academy research grant.

It proposes a fresh interdisciplinary approach (i.e. linguistic, narratological and literary) that takes reported discourse as a meaningful criterion, based on textual evidences, to examine how female characters' discourse is framed and how it is expressed in medieval French narratives. Using a corpus of lais, fables and fabliaux ranging from the 12th to the 14th c., the analysis aims to assess whether female expression differs between these three literary genres and whether it is related to the specific ideologies that underlie each of them.

I lecture on topics ranging from Women and Medieval French Literature to Writing History in the Middle Ages and to set texts such as La Chanson de Roland, Béroul’s Tristan and Villon’s Testament. I also teach History of the French language.

I am a founding and executive member of Ci-dit, an international research group on reported discourse. I am also a member of the interdisciplinary research network:  ‘Voices in Medieval French Narrative (12th C. to 15th C.)’, funded by the British Academy.

Finally, I use my research in pragmatics and discourse analysis to explore the evolution of business ecosystems, in collaboration with colleagues at the Balliol Interdisciplinary Institute.


Speech and Thought Presentation in French


Narrateur et points de vue dans la littérature médiévale


Current Positions:

  1. -Professor of Medieval French Studies,

  University of Oxford

  1. -Fellow of Balliol College

Fields of Study:

Medieval French Language & Literature,

History of the French Language, Linguistics and Philology,

Discourse Analysis


  1. -Licence en Philologie Romane,

  Université Libre de Bruxelles, 1991

  1. -Ph. D. in French Linguistics,

University of California at Berkeley, 1996

Previous Posts:

  1. -Teaching Fellow,

  University of St. Andrews, 1996-7

  1. -Research Fellow,

  Gonville & Caius College,

  University of Cambridge, 1997-2001

  1. -Zaharoff Fellow in French Linguistics,

  University of Oxford, 2001-2003

  1. -Visiting Fellow, Council of the Humanities, Princeton University  2013

  2. -Co-editor of French Studies 2012-2015

  3. -Director of Oxford Medieval Studies Programme 2015-2017

  4. -Chair of the Sub-Faculty of French, 2016-2018


  1. Ci-Dit  www.ci-dit.com & Facebook

  2. Voices in Medieval French Narrative

  3. Evolution of Business Ecosystems

  4. Oxford Medieval Studies Programme

  5. #MedievalFrenchOxford


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