Early morning view of
Mannlichen from Hotel Eiger

First full day skiing with Ann, Bob and Stuart.  Wengen in background

Skiing above First with Ann, Bob and Stuart

Moose Alert!!

Bob and me with Monch
in Background

A day on snow shoes with Bob and Hano.  Lunch at the Lobhorn Hut.

View of Lobhorn
from hut

Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau from
near the summit of Sulegg.  Mannlichen
in cloud with Wengen below.

Pam and me at Grutschalp.

Aletsch Glacier looking
south from Jungfraujoch

Lauberhorn downhill ski  race.  Spectators at Wengernalp.

At Bern just before catching
train to Zurich Airport