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Quiz team 2011
Downton Not Too Shabbey

25 November 2011: Horspath Village CF Trust Quiz.

In what has become the highlight of the Oxford social Calendar the GeneMed team attended the Horspath Village CF Trust Quiz.

Seriously hampered by the lack of questions on gene expression analysis, MHRA regulations, Bioinformatics and things you can buy from Life Technologies the team did well to make it into the top half by the end.

However, plaudits were received for the outstanding appearance and attire of the team.


James with his bike and some of the GeneMedicine Group In Oxford.

Jeams presents his 'Rose of Hope' to Deborah Gill & Steve Hyde, with Jenny Westmoreland from the CF Trust.

21 November 2011: James Peckham 'Rose of Hope' Charity Bike Ride.

James Peckham from Southampton is cycling 400 miles from London to Edinburgh via Oxford to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Trust. James is visiting each of the UK CF Gene Therapy Consortium's Research Centres on route to deliver a Rose of Hope. James arrived at Imperial College London at 9.20am on Monday 21st November 2011 to deliver his first Rose of Hope to the London research team, which was accepted on the team's behalf by Cystic Fibrosis patient representative, Emma Lake.

From London, James cycled to meet the Oxford research team at the John Radcliffe Hospital. He arrived in Oxford around 4.30pm to deliver the second Rose of Hope. James will spend the rest of the week cycling to Edinburgh and will deliver the final Rose of Hope to the research team at Edinburgh University on the weekend of November 26th/ 27th.

You can follow James's progress via his blog and donate online here.


08 May 2011: Dr Stephen Hyde took part in the CF Trust's Ashridge 10K Forest Walk in aid of CF Week 2011.

Horspath Quiz for the CF Trust

26 November 2010: Mary, Stephanie, Steve, Ian, Anna and Bex took part in the Horspath quiz in Aid of the CF Trust. Despite scoring a maximum 20/20 on the Movie Quotes round, the team finished 7th out of 12 teams.


09 May 2010: Stephanie, Ian, Reto and Karen took part in the Blenheim 7K race.

01 May 2010: Stephanie organised a concert in aid of the CF Trust (aided by other group members) and raised over £500.

Friday 20 November 2009: Several members of the group attended a quiz night at Horspath Village Hall on Friday 20 November in aid of the CF Trust. In the quiz the team fared poorly finishing 7th out of 12 but they cleaned up in the raffle winning too many items to be polite.

November 2008: Anna and Deborah (right) joined over 30 othe CF Trust Volunteers for the annual Hadrian's Wall Challenge, a 2-day trek along the most complete section of Hadrian's Wall. Between the two of them they raised over £ 1500.00 for the CF Trust.



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