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Tuesday 02 October, 2012: Two D.Phil Studentships are available in our group via the RDM Scholars Programme.

Thursday 19 July, 2012: New Consortium publication 'Rapid identification of novel functional promoters for gene therapy' is published in the Journal of Molecular Medicine. This paper results from a series of studies aiming to identify novel promoters for gene therapy. We created a huge database of promoters and then screened this to identify potential candidates for testing.

Monday 25 June, 2012: New Consortium publication 'CpG-free plasmid expression cassettes for cystic fibrosis gene therapy' is published in Biomaterials. This paper essentially describes the steps taken to optimise the design of the clinical trial plasmid.

Thursday 21st June, 2012: Eric Alton, Deborah Gill, Steve Hyde & Uta Griesenbach all took part in a BBC Radio 4 Documentary that was aired on 20/06/12. The documentary described at length the work of the Consortium and can be listened to again via BBC iPlayer.

Tuesday 13th June, 2012: New charity, Just Gene Therapy Launched to support the Consortium.
We are pleased to announce the launch of new charity Just Gene Therapy with the specific aim of raising funds for gene therapy research for CF. The charity has been established by Rosie Barnes in conjunction with Professor Eric Alton, and is the only way in which donations can directly support the work of the Consortium.

Monday 14th May, 2012: New Consortium Publication, 'The use of CpG-free plasmids to mediate persistent gene expression following repeated aerosol delivery of pDNA/PEI complexes', Davies et al, Biomaterials.

07 June 2011: The Consortium won two awards at the Medical Futures Innovation Awards last night. Read more on the new Consortium website.

14 May 2011: Rebekka Harding-Smith's abstract and poster for this year's American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy Annual Conference have now been added to the Posters & Presentations.

11 May 2011: Statement from the CF Trust regarding new fundraising push.

09 May 2011: The Consortium has won a Medical Futures Innovation Award for our Lentiviral Vector research programme, read more.

04 May 2011: Microsoft have stopped supporting their Bing search box which we used on the site. While we see if we can implement their new API on our server we have had to switch to a different site search using a Google system which sadly does not have as good an interface.

21 April 2011: Two new UKCFGTC publications listed in Publications section. McLachlan et al 2011, Gene Therapy & Griesenbach et al 2011, Biomaterials.

21 March 2011: Statement from the UKCFGTC with regards the future of funding from the CF Trust.

17 December 2010: Following consulation with OUCS, the GeneMedicine Group website has been granted a new top level domain URL within the university network. Therefore from the 21 December this site will move to more info

14 December 2010: You can now download the D.Phil Theses of some of our previous students.

03 December 2010: After several weeks of waiting since the re-design for the new site to be cached, the Bing site search facility is finally starting to work on the website.

03 December 2010: Today is the closing date for job applications for the RA position have available.

03 November 2010: Oxford University Gene Therapy Seminar Series, 04 November 2010, 16:00. Dr James Miskin from Oxford Biomedica will present a seminar titled 'Manufacture and Testing of Clinical Grade Lentiviral Vectors'.

ESGCT 2010

22 - 25 October 2010: Dr Ian Pringle attended the European Society of Gene & Cell Therapy in Milan.

18 October 2010: Miracle Cure? A Decade of the Human Genome - Horizon, BBC2, Monday 25 October will feature some of the work of the UKCFGTC.

15 October 2010: Abstracts and posters from forthcoming NACFC meeting now available.

01 October 2010: Rebekka Harding-Smith, formerly a placement student with the group when she was studying at York University, rejoins the group as a D.Phil Student funded by the MRC.

13 September 2010: New Publication. A novel mixing device for the reproducible generation of nonviral gene therapy formulations. Davies et al 2010, Biotechniques, 49, 666-668.

01 February 2010: Interview with Deborah Gill in Oxford University's Blueprint magazine.

14 October 2009: Work of the UKCFGC and our ongoing clinical trial featured on BBC Radio 4, Trials for Life. Steve Hyde, Eric Alton and Jane Davies and volunteers from the clinical trial talk to Vivienne Parry about the background, challenges and practicalities of our ongoing clinical trial.


19 April 2009: UK CF Gene Therapy Consortium featured in an Observer Magazine article.




14 May 2008: VGXi Pharmaceuticals signs multi-year production agreement with the United Kingdom Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium.
VGXi Pharmaceuticals (Houston, TX) today announced that the company has signed a multi-year supply agreement to provide plasmid DNA to support the ongoing toxicology and clinical trials of the United Kingdom Cystic Fibrosis Gene Therapy Consortium. Read the press release from the VGXi.

29 April 2008: GeneMedicine Group publish landmark CpG-free paper in Nature Biotechnology. CpG-Free Plasmids Confer Reduced Inflammation and Sustained Pulmonary Gene Expression. Hyde et al.

22 January 2008: Manuscript accepted for publication in Molecular Therapy. Adenovirus mediated in utero expression of CFTR does not improve survival of CFTR knockout mice. Lee Davies et al.

11 September 2007: Manuscript accepted for publication in Journal of Virology. Lack of repeat transduction by AAV5/5 in the mouse airway. Stephanie Sumner-Jones et al.

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