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Katie's Homemade Cakes at the JR 2012

Without access to a regular supply of cakes, scientific research would grind to a very rapid halt. If you are a science sales rep - remember this!

We love cakes and are blessed by having some amazing cake makers in the group. Not everyone is so lucky so keep an eye on Katie's Homemade Cakes and their regular cake sales in the JR. This probably breaks loads of University rules on advertising, so it should be reminded that you can buy cakes from any number of different suppliers.

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Concentration Calculator

The GeneMedicine Group Concentration Calculator (Mac only)

We spend a lot of time making DNA and then diluting it to given concentrations. So several years ago we came up with this dead simple app for the process. Tried and tested for several years by our group it is now available to anyone who wants it. Anyone with a Mac that is.

Download as a Zip file (900k)

Lab Timer

The GeneMedicine Group Simple Desktop Time (Mac Only)

This application is a simple Desktop timer written for people in the lab to keep track of multiple reactions or experiments.

Download as a Zip (975k)

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