I think that it's true to say that I don't enjoy driving and generally messing around with cars as much as I used to. I have always done my own servicing and repairs, although I now resort to specialists much more readily.

That said, I have had some wonderful times with cars. I've owned two MGB-GTs and still have my 1973 ULK 666M in the garage, where she's slept for 10 years now. One day....

For now, there's a new-ish Fiesta that is driven mainly by Pauline and my Jaguar XJS-HE which I've owned for nearly 10 years now. This gets used on holidays, for towing duties (sail and balloon) and whenever the mood takes.

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It's well looked-after, but not fussed over, living outdoors on the drive all year. For those still reading this, the car is full Jaguar factory specification, except the Hyper adjustable sports suspension, 16" sports alloys and sticky Falken 92V 225/50R16 tyres. These were supplied by Paul Hands of Hyper Engineering, who, apart from being one of the rudest persons I know, operates a very fine two-man Jaguar specialist service and repair centre at Great Haseley.