Thailand 99 Gallery 1 - All photography by GBL

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Balloons at Khon KaenFirst flight at Khon Kaen Overhead view of McDonaldsOverhead view of Rene's 105 Landing in the rice fieldsLanding in the rice fields Chinese TempleChinese Temple at Nakhon Phanom
Thai Christmas TreeThai Christmas Tree Parade Assembly for the King's
BirthdayParade Assembly for the King's Birthday Market at Nakhon PhanomMarket at Nakhon Phanom Wat Pra That PanomWat Pra That Panom
Drum House, Pra That
PanomDrum House, Pra That Panom Wat Ban Na Muang -
entrance!Wat Ban Na Muang - entrance! Temple Wall at Ban Na MuangTemple Wall at Ban Na Muang Wax statues at Ubon
RatchathaniWax statues at Ubon Ratchathani

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