Favourite Thailanders

These digital images were taken to represent some of the Thai people that I met during the course of this holiday. They range from firm friends to casual aquaintances: all had the same characteristics of dignity, good manners and a tolerance of those who neither spoke their language or understood many of the intricacies of Thai behaviour.
  • Dr. Suthachai
    Dr. Suthachai runs the private hospital in Khon Kaen.
    He and Pantip sang duets for us after dinner.

  • Pantip
    Pantip is married to Dr.Suchathai. I appear to be her new English tutor...

  • Ratchasak
    Ratchasak has a larger-than-life laugh! He is also wealthy, talented
    and a Collector of Classis Jaguars. He's an OK guy!

  • Arunee Sirisawat
    Arunee is studying IT in Nakhon Phenom

  • Golf Club staff
    These girls rustled up lunch for 20 when we dropped in unannounced

  • Our driver crew
    We don't travel anywhere without these guys!
    -, Sawan, Sumai, Sawat (No.1)

  • Eat Wannatana
    "Eat" (her Thai nickname) is married to Yutakit, our Thai pilot friend

  • Laotian Monks
    Monks in Savannakhet.
    The best hope of an education for many young Laotian males.
    It is considered desirable for all men to spend at least two years in a monastary

  • Laotian Abbot
    Head Abbot in Savannakhet.
    He's 102 years old and is number two in the Laotian Buddist hierarchy

  • Village silkworker
    This lady lives and works in a Silk Village near Mukhadan.
    She is preparing the twists that are used in the dyeing process
    for the hand-loomed silk that the village specialises in

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