Technical information.

ASK-21 Flight Manual (pdf)

Astir CS Flight Manual

EW (B) Barograph (pdf/web-link)

EW (D) Barograph (pdf/web-link)

Garmin Pilot III GPS (pdf)

LX1000 variometer (pdf)

LX1000 variometer (pdf)

L-Nav Demo (zip)

XCSoar (web link)

Bronze Confuser (pdf)

Varsity Rules (pdf)

Safe Winch Launching (pdf)

Winglet Design Theory
(web link)

Polar Comparison Chart (xls)



Produced by Bristol and Gloucester GC

User manual (mars bar type loggers)

Instruction manual.

Briefing notes.

Detailed Instructions

L-Nav demo programme.

Moving map and Task setting software for PDA.

Prep notes for the Bronze C exam.

Varsity Competition rules

Produced by the BGA