Oxford University Gliding Club Welcome Pack

Welcome to OUGC, hopefully this will give you information on everything you need to have many enjoyable days at the airfield… If you have any gliding related questions email one of the committee members and we’ll try to help!

Your First Day – We will all arrive at the airfield at the same time, so while the more experienced members get the gliders ready and set up the airfield you will get a safety briefing and a quick look at a glider (after your first day members are expected to help get the gliders ready and set-up the airfield, don’t worry people will always be around to help and show you what to do!) Once on airfield you’ll get a better idea of what’s involved in gliding and can learn how to help out so that more flying can take place. Hopefully (weather pending!) everyone will get 3 or more flights in the day, you will be paired up with an instructor who can start teaching you how to fly for yourself. At the end of the day we pack up the gliders and head to the bar for a drink and a chance to get to know everyone before heading back to Oxford. Gliding is quite a time consuming sport and everyone is expected to muck-in so expect to leave Oxford at 8:30am. and not get back until 6/7pm. .
After your first time at the airfield you have to sign on to fly. The booking page is on our web site under members and booking. We have this system so that not too many people turn up! You can’t sign on for more than a day at a time, this is so everyone gets the chance to fly. OUGC have a ‘duty pilot’ on the field every day, which will be there to help and make sure that you get to fly.

Getting There – Don’t worry about getting there on your first day, as we will try and meet you on the bus, but for reference…

X5 from Bay 12 at Gloucester Green leaves at 0805, 0835, 0905 etc on Saturdays and at 0805, 0905, 1005 etc on Sundays. Ask to get off at the Caversfield roundabout in Bicester, when you get off turn left at the roundabout and walk down the road for 2 minutes and you’ll reach the airfield gates. The bus leaves the airfield at every 10 past and quarter to the hour until 2145 from opposite the lay-by where you got off! (Get to the bus stop in plenty of time as the bus won’t wait if it gets there early.) Get the timetable

S5 from outside the Randolf Hotel, also goes to Bicester but are slightly less convenient as you have to walk from the bus station up past the Bicester North train station and turn right at the roundabout. Get the timetable

Car: The bus is quite easy, but if you’re lucky enough to own a car… Directions to the airfield are on the Windrushers Gliding Club (who also fly at Bicester) web sitehttp://windrushers.org.uk/location.htm .

Cycle: In the summer some people also like to cycle to the airfield, apparently it takes 1hr30mins ish. Not recommended in the winter though as it gets dark early and the roads are quite busy!

What to wear – the airfield is cold, especially in the winter. Also being on an exposed airfield means it can also get quite windy, so dress warmly (in windproof gear if you have it). Most people find that lots of layers work best as they can take some off for flying the glider, and pile it back on for when outside. Minimum is to bring a woolly hat, gloves, coat and good shoes. The grass can get quite wet so waterproof shoes are a must (if you don’t have any with you waterproof socks or plastic bags over your socks work just as well). Don’t worry about looking silly; some of us have been known to wear skiing outfits in December (see web site for suitable mug shots!)

Weather: - Gliding is quite weather dependent, we can’t fly in rain, fog or very strong winds, keep an eye on the weather forecasts. If you don’t think the weather will be good, give the OUGC duty pilot for that day a ring and they should hopefully be able to advise.

Keep an eye on the web sitehttp://users.ox.ac.uk/~gliding and if you’re a ‘facebook’ member our group (http://oxford.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2202498687) ‘Gliding Club’ for more info on socials and gliding things.

 Help Yourself to a copy of  The Welcome Pack (pdf)

Happy Flying!