Club Gliders

This glider is a type AS-K21, made of glass-fibre by Alexander Schleicher, a lot of club teaching takes place in this glider or in a K13. It is used to train student pilots up to solo standard. It has a fixed undercariage and a best glide ratio of about 1 in 32. It's stall speed is around 40 knots and it's maximum speed or Vne is 151 knots.

AS-K21 specifications sheet (pdf)
This is a 1960's, Schleicher type Ka8 single seat glider. It's has a traditional construction of wood for the wings, tubular steel fusilage and is covered in fabric. This glider is very light and lifts very easily in weak thermals. It has a stall speed at about 30 knots, so it will soar quite slowly. The air-brakes on it are amazing, making landing easy. After doing a few solo's in GAM, pilots will convert to the Ka8 as their first single seat glider before progressing to the Astir.

Ka8 Specifications Sheet (pdf)
Made by Grob Aerospace of glass-fibre, the ASTIR is flown by the more experienced solo pilots, especially for cross country or long duration flights. Even though this glider is more demanding to fly than the K21, pilots will convert to this glider after having first completed the Bronze 'C' endorsment. It has a retractable under-carriage and a best glide angle of about 1 in 38. It's stall speed is around 40 knots, and it's maximum speed or Vne is 131 knots.

ASTIR CS flight manual (pdf).