Membership Information


Annual Membership.
Student member
Full member (via BGC only)

Air-time price per minute:
OUGC Astir
WGC   K13 (student price only)
WGC  Acro (student price only)

Launch fees:

Weekend Winch launch

Aerotow launch:
to 2000'     
Per 100' from 2000'
Aerotow retrieve per hour
(so don't land out!)

Trial Flights: get information here.

Get your flying funded.
Find out how here:

OUGC also have grants for student pilots.
go here to find out more on the news page.

£ 60
£ 415.00

£ 0.20
£ 0.20
£ 0.20
£ 0.20
£ 0.20

£ 5.00
£ 6.00

£ 30.00
£   0.80


All staff and matriculated students of Oxford University and Oxford Brookes are eligible to join. Annual membership lasts for one academic-year (1st October to 30th September)

Membership Definitions:
A Student member is a person under 25 years of age who is in full time eduction at Oxford University or Oxford Brookes University.

A Junior member is an under or post graduate student in full time education at Oxford University or Oxford Brookes University.

A Full member is a person 26 or over who is a Staff member at Oxford University or Oxford Brookes University.

A Reciprocal member is a member of another University Gliding Club other than Oxford University or Oxford Brookes University (proof will be required).

Air time price-per-minute is foc in ougc gliders after 3 hours of continued flight.
Flight tuition is included in launch charges.

If you'd like to Join OUGC or have any enquiries please email our Membership Secretary. You can get a membership form here!


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