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OUGC Pre- Solo Student Training Scheme bursary
The Training Scheme bursary is intended to help supplement the costs of keen students pilots learning to fly gliders by helping to get them up to solo pilot standard. In essence, the rules of the scheme are that you must be a full time student at Oxford University or Oxford Brookes, That you are a fully paid up member of OUGC and that you have a minimum required standard of 20 flights, for qualification. The scheme is worth up to a maximum of £300 and is valid for one calendar year from the date of application, retrospectively paid into your flying account. For an application form and further details download an application form here.

Royal Aero Club Bursaries
These are available to young pilots, aged 16-21, who have already reached solo standard to enable them to achieve greater competence in their particular air sport. Bursaries of up to £1000 are available to help recipients advance from one recognized level of air sport to the next (for example, gain your bronze badge or XC endorsement). APPLICATIONS FOR BURSARIES HAVE TO BE APPROVED BY THE BGA. Full details are at

Air League Gliding Scholarships.
Gliding scholarships offer the opportunity for solo glider pilots to broaden their flying experience. Depending on experience, the following awards are available at civilian gliding schools:

Aerobatic Training
4,000ft aero tows with instruction in basic aerobatic manoeuvres. The intention of this award is to enhance a scholars handling skills and provide an insight into the skills and flying discipline of competition aerobatics. If you want to improve your skills and have a lot of fun doing it, apply for an aerobatic scholarship.

Cross-Country Training
British Glider pilots continue to lead the world in glider racing. This award allows an insight into the complex, exciting world of racing sailplanes cross country. This scholarship is tailored to the individual's personal ability. Tuition takes the form of 2-seater flying around a cross country looking at the techniques and skills involved in racing sailplanes. This is consolidated with further two seater or single seater flying depending on your ability to ensure you progress to as high a level as possible. This scholarship typically takes a week to complete.

Self Launching Motor Glider (SLMG) Training
Gliding is a fantastic and affordable way to start a career in aviation. The handling skills gained as a glider pilot being second to none. As well as providing an insight to the world of silent flight, this award allows the opportunity to combine non-powered and powered flight. Training in a self launching motor glider (SLMG) you will learn how to operate a powered aircraft whilst understanding how to optimise the weather as a glider pilot. Flown from one of four sites in the UK, the course comprises of up to 32 hours flying (depending on previous experience). See The Air League web site for details
Information for Juniors at the British Gliding Association.