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I research and teach in the Zoology Department, and at St John's College.

During pandemic: some tables and analyses of the daily UK coronavirus data, as published by the DHSC.

Available here are

  1. A list of my publications
  2. PDF versions of current manuscripts on an ad hoc basis.
  3. The phylogenetic regression download page
  4. Downloads for the Discrete Data model of Grafen and Ridley (1997)
  5. Downloads for the 'State-free optimization model for sequences of behaviour" of Grafen (2002)
  6. Course materials for the former Quantitative Methods course in the Biology Final Honour School at Oxford University. (This was a modern statistics course for second year students, based on the General Linear Model.)
  7. Lecture presentations from 2003-2004 for four undergraduate lectures in Behavioural Ecology (and the 2000 versions are here- they are only slightly different but are smaller.)

DustJacket of Grafen and HailsModern Statistics for the Life Sciences was published in 2002. It is a completely revised version of the notes for the QM course. See the OUP page for publication details ( for UK and Europe; for US). The book is much more reader-friendly than the sometimes difficult lecture notes, thanks to co-author Rosie Hails.

DustJacket of Grafen and Ridley"Richard Dawkins: how a scientist changed the way we think" was published in 2006, under the editorship of myself and Mark Ridley, two of Richard's former graduate students. It is a collection of essays celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Selfish Gene in particular, and Richard's contributions to science and the body politic more widely. See the OUP page for further details.

Alan Grafen 5th October 2013