Harvey Lederman


I am an assistant professor in the department of philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh. You can view my CV here.

My main recent work has been on the notion of common knowledge. Some people commonly know a proposition just in case they all know it, they all know that they all know it, and so on. The notion of common knowledge has been widely used in economics, linguistics and philosophy. I have argued that common knowledge is not as important as many people have thought. The main paper to come out of this project is Uncommon Knowledge, in which I present an argument that people never have common knowledge at all.

I have a longstanding interest in the history of philosophy, particularly in Aristotle, and in Chinese philosophy. I am actively working on two projects about Ming Dynasty philosophy. The first is a paper on Wang Yangming. The second is a translation and edition (with scholarly introduction) of the correspondence of Nie Bao and Wang Ji (coauthored with Ernest Brewster). Drafts of these works are available on request.


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