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I am a DPhil student in the Oxford Protein Informatics Group, in the Statistics Department, Oxford Univeristy. I am a student in the SABS-IDC DPhil programme.


My research focuses on kinks in protein helices. Kinks are a structural feature of proteins, that are thought to be functionally important in pharmaceutically relevant proteins. My work focuses on identifying and characterising kinks, with a long term aim to predict kinks in proteins with unknown stucture. I am supervised by Prof. Charlotte M. Deane, and Dr. Jiye Shi (UCB).

Can you help my research? In association with JP Ebejer and Bernhard Knapp, I am currently running a crowd sourcing experiment for my research. It takes about 15 minutes, and requires no specialist knowledge. Click here to participate!

My research involves the analysis of the known protein structures in the Protein Data Bank. I have worked to identify, extract, and characterise kinks from the structure database, and have used a number of tools to annotate the structures. I am collaborating with Prof. Kanti Mardia to develop new statistical methods to analyse the data.