MICHAELMAS 2014 Committee

Emily Ellis (St Anne's) & Tom McPherson (St Anne's)

Presidents-Elect for Hilary 2014
Estella Kessler (Brasenose) & Francesca Anthony (Brasenose)

Elisabeth Broyd (Somerville) & Felicity Blackburn (Somerville)

Tom Holker (St Catherine's)

Social Secretaries
Reuben Ackerman (Hertford) & Aaron Pooni (Hertford)

Publicity Officer

Graduate Officer
Edward Hicks (St. Anne's)

IT Officer
Dan Minister (St Catherine's)

Standing Committee (Trinity 2014)
Susama Kitiyakara
Elizabeth Chittenden
Theodora Dickinson
Elizabeth Alderson
Louise Taylor
Scarlett Harris
Toby Gill


Honorary Patron
Lord Lamont of Lerwick

Baron Lamont of Lerwick, PC (Norman Lamont) was a prominent figure at the centre of British politics for almost fifteen years. He served as a Cabinet Minister under both Margaret Thatcher and John Major, holding the office of Chancellor of the Exchequer between 1990 and 1993. Lord Lamont was heavily involved in the political and economic reforms of the Thatcher era, and served as Minister for the Departments of Energy, Defence and Industry during his tenure.

Lord Lamont was made a Conservative Life Peer in 1998 and sat on the House of Lords Economic Affairs Committee. He has been the Honorary Patron of OUHS since June 2007.

Senior Member
Professor Laurence Brockliss

Professor Laurence Brockliss, M.A., D.Phil, is a Fellow of Magdalen College and a Professor of Early Modern French History. He specialises in the history of education, science and medicine in Early Modern France and Britain and has a general interest in the history of European ideas.