Got questions about what we do here at OUHS? We've provided answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below, but if your query isn't resolved please feel free to contact the Executive Committee through our Contact page, and we will be more than happy to provide further information.

1. Who can attend OUHS events?
Most events - like our weekly guest lectures, OUHS social events and society cocktails - are open to absolutely anybody, including members of the public, so long as you have your membership card on hand or pay the non-members entry fee of £3. Tickets for some events like our prestigious Annual Dinner are greatly in demand and are therefore sold a few weeks in advance. Priority access to these tickets is given to existing OUHS members, but if all the tickets are not sold by a certain time then it is common for them to be offered to non-members as well.

2. How can I find out what events are being held this term?
The easiest way to be kept up-to-date with OUHS events is to sign up to our mailing list here. Those on our mailing list will receive regular e-mails from the OUHS Publicity Officer, reminding you of upcoming events and keeping you informed about society affairs. Alternatively you can check out our Facebook page, take a look at our online Termcard or just pick up a printed copy of the Termcard at any of our events.

3. What sort of events does OUHS host?
OUHS operates a diverse programme of both educational and social events to suit all tastes and historical interests. We try to ensure that our guest speakers cover a wide range of historical periods and subjects, with some lectures being more serious and academic, whilst others are a little more light-hearted and accessible. Members also have the chance to meet with the speaker and enjoy complimentary wine and cheese after every lecture.OUHS also organises social events during term, past examples of such events include Society Cocktails, Presidents Drinks, the Termly Quiz, Inter-Society Debates and our prestigious Annual Dinner.

4. Who is eligible for OUHS membership?
Any member of the University of Oxford or of Ruskin College, Plater College, Ripon College, Cuddesdon, Wycliffe Hall or St. Stephen's House. Any member of any other educational institution in Oxford or a resident of the City of Oxford is also eligible, so long as they pay the membership fee.

5. How much does OUHS membership cost?
Lifetime membership can be purchased for the discount price of £12 during the first two weeks of any term, and at the full price of £15 after that.

6. What are the benefits of OUHS membership?
Members of OUHS are entitled to enter any of our regular events absolutely free of charge! This means that the £15 cost of membership will be recouped by any member who attends just 5 events during their time at Oxford. Members also receive an official OUHS membership card, free wine and cocktails at certain events, as well as priority access to discount tickets for the society's Annual Dinner.

7. How long does my OUHS membership last?
All OUHS memberships are, by default, lifetime memberships. So long as you keep your OUHS card you are entitled to attend any future OUHS events.

8. How can I purchase an OUHS membership?
Full details about how to purchase OUHS membership can be found on the Join Us page.

9. How can I cancel my OUHS membership?

OUHS memberships are obtained through a one-off payment, and last a lifetime, so we advise that you hold onto your card even after graduation - because you never know when you might return to Oxford and see an interesting society event that you wish to attend. If you wish to be removed from the OUHS mailing list then simply click on the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of your latest society e-mail. OUHS does not offer refunds for memberships, except under extraodinary circumstances at the discretion of the President(s).

10. Is OUHS only for history students?
Not at all! Absolutely anyone can attend our events, become a member or even join the OUHS committee. All that's required is a passion for history.

11. Who runs OUHS?
OUHS is a student society and is therefore run entirely by volunteer undergraduates and graduates from the University of Oxford in their spare time. The OUHS Executive Committee is responsible for coordinating the society and organising events throughout term, whilst the OUHS Standing Committee votes on motions and takes part in debate. Both committees meet together at least once a week throughout usual term dates. Full details about how OUHS operates can be found in our Constitution.

12. How can I get more involved with OUHS?
The easiest way to get involved with the day-to-day running of OUHS is to join the Standing Committee. So long as you're a member of OUHS, an undergraduate or graduate currently at the University of Oxford and the Standing Committee currently has fewer than 15 members, then you're eligible to join.

13. How can I join the OUHS Standing Committee?
In order to join the OUHS Standing Committee and have your say in how the society is run, you'll have to come in person to either our Termly General Meeting (held in 8th week every term) or one of our weekly committee meetings and be elected to the position. In order to find out the venue for that week's meeting feel free to send an e-mail to OUHS via the Contact page.

14. OUHS lectures are always about subject 'x', why can't there be more about subject 'y'?
The OUHS Executive Committee always endeavours to organise an interesting and varied schedule of events to cover as many historical periods and topics as possible. Unfortunately circumstances sometimes conspire against us and some Termcards may end up being particularly skewed towards one historical era. Generally speaking though, there will be at least one speaker per term lecturing on one of the main three periods (Medieval, Early Modern and Modern). We also have to consider the broader appeal of certain lecture topics, and whether or not the remit of a speaker overlaps with other University Societies. Nevertheless, suggestions for speakers, lecture topics and future events are very welcome and should be addressed to the Executive Committee through the Contact page.

15. I've lost my membership card! How can I get a new one?
Since membership cards are required to gain free access to our events, we advise that you keep your card somewhere safe.  In the event that you lose your card, a replacement can be obtained for a small fee from the OUHS Treasurer on the door of our open events after confirming your name on the membership rolls. Alternatively you can send an e-mail via our Contact page stating your name and the fact that you have lost your card and pick up a new card for a small fee from the door at our next event.