Scribal Publication in the later Twentieth Century:
The Sandars Lectures 

"Surely, among the most widely distributed and consulted unpublished pieces in our time;
a phenomenon in its own right."

These are the words of Michael Ryan and Dan Traister of the University of Pennsylvania, commenting in an on-line book-history bibliography on their ['pirated'!] copy of Professor McKenzie's 1976 Sandars Lectures: The London Book Trade in the Later 17th Century.

This is an on-going study of exactly how wide this "phenomenon" has become. To date, publically-accessible copies of the Sandars lectures (this excludes the rather less quantifiable privately-held copies) can apparently be found at the
Van Pelt Library, University of Pennsylvania
Department of Special Collections, Stanford University, California
Huntingdon Library, California
University of California Library, Los Angeles
University of Virginia Library
Newberry Library, Illinois
Harvard University Library [confirmed by Nathan Tinker]
Miami University Library, Ohio [confirmed by Steve Karian]
New Zealand
Victoria University of Wellington - Z330.6 L6 M156 [Beaglehole Room - Level 1]
University of Canterbury, New Zealand
University of Auckland
National Library of New Zealand (unconfirmed)
Thanks to Simon Cauchi and Kathleen Coleridge for providing the New Zealand locations
Massey College, University of Toronto - BIB M156.64Lo 1976 Folio MASS
Centre for Renaissance and Reformation Studies, Victoria College, University of Toronto - Z/330/L6/M3/Large VUCR
Scott Library, York University - Z 325 M17
Thanks to Joseph Black and Bernard Martin for providing the Canadian locations
Number 127 in Catalogue 29 (October 1996) of S.P. Tuohy, 45 Warwick Street, Oxford - priced at £15
As far as I can tell, the Lyell lectures have not disseminated as widely - partly, no doubt, to their comparatively recent delivery.


I would be extremely grateful for any new locations (or for confirmations of these locations). I would be also particularly interested in tracing the exact provenance of any of the US copies. Please forward all your comments to Many thanks!

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