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HoBo began as the 'History of the Book @ Oxford' in 1996. Its original aim was to provide a list of Oxford-based events related to book history along with details of some relevant local resources. After a few years, its coverage was expanded to include events throughout the UK, and a number of new resources were added, principally a list of the contents of current issues of leading journals in the field. In 2000, the site was moved to Cambridge; its name was also changed to reflect its new itinerant status. In autumn 2001, thanks to a generous grant from the English Faculty in Oxford, the site was upgraded and moved back to Oxford.

From the outset, HoBo was run without any formal institutional assistance and it continues to be maintained and updated by a single person. However, between 2003 and 2008, the English Faculty at Oxford generously provided an annual grant to support the site and, in addition, a great deal of support has been received from colleagues and visitors to the website - particular thanks are due to Professor Ian Maclean, the late Professor D.F. McKenzie, Professor Colin Burrow, and Professor Kathryn Sutherland.

HoBo currently aims to provide comprehensive coverage of all UK seminars, lectures and conferences related to the history of the book; it also includes some European and (in the case of the annual SHARP conferences) American events. A list of recently added events is provided on the Stop Press page; full details of the events themselves are available on the Events page. The Diary offers a week-by-week listing of forthcoming events, with links to further details on the Events page; all dates on the Events page are also linked to the relevant weeks in the Diary.

HoBo also provides a number of further resources:

The website is maintained by Ian Gadd (now based at Bath Spa University). This principally involves adding details of forthcoming events; accordingly, the website is updated every weekend. Although much of the information about such events is gleaned from the internet and library bulletin-boards, he also relies a great deal on the help of colleagues across the history of the book world in notifying us about forthcoming events. If you know of an event that you feel HoBo should include, please submit details of it here.

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All feedback is welcome - good or bad!

Ian Gadd