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Second Issue


This directory was first issued in February 1997: it is intended to bring to the notice of those whose research touches on the history of the book the interests of others working in this area in Oxford. The presence of learned librarians and publishers as well as scholars and graduates, and the rich material resources available to students of the book, make Oxford a particularly propitious place to engage in this area of research.

This list contains the names of those who appeared in the first edition, as well as others who have responded to questionnaires. Anyone wishing to appear in a future issue should contact the compiler by post. If it is through his negligence that names have been omitted, he asks their possessors to forgive him.

Ian Maclean
All Souls College, Oxford
January 1998

[This on-line version reproduces the printed directory as published in February 1998 with some minor editing (May 17, 1998)]

[Some new material added (August 1998)]

  • Graduates
  • Librarians
  • Teaching and Research Staff


    CLAYTON Mr Timothy
    Worcester College
    Prints in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries; print/book trade; books of prints; books on art

    COXON Mr Sebastian
    Wolfson College
    German and Latin MSS in the Middle Ages

    DEW Mr Nicholas
    St Hugh's College
    French oriental studies, c. 1660-1715

    DORSETT Mr Jason
    Oriel College
    Britain 1570-1630; antiquarian libraries, especially that of George Carew, Earl of Totnes

    GADD Mr Ian
    Pembroke College
    London Stationers' Company in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

    GILLESPIE Ms Alexandra
    Corpus Christi College
    Early printed editions of medieval vernacular texts; printing in the court of Henry VIII

    Jesus College
    Sixteenth-century book history, especially licensing and control of texts. Printed chronicle histories

    HOPE Mr Andrew
    Christ Church
    The sixteenth-century book trade in Britain

    LONDRY Mr Michael
    Editing poetry of Elizabeth Tollet (1694-1754)

    MOONIE Mr Martin
    Somerville College
    Alexander Donaldson and the eighteenth-century book trade in Scotland and London; vernacular languages and the impact of print, 1500-1800; cultural theory

    NOLTEN Ms Sonia
    Oriel College
    English Renaissance

    PORTER Mr Martin [now Dr]
    Magdalen College
    Printed treatises on physiognomy in Europe c.1470-c.1780

    WATSON Mr Timothy
    Magdalen College
    Sixteenth-century Lyon: political literature (speeches, ceremonies); urban histories

    WEBER, Mr Wolfgang Christian
    Oriel College
    Depositions of kings: Edward II and Richard II


    BARBER Mr Giles
    Linacre College
    Books and bindings 1600-1800, mainly in France

    BENDALL Dr Sarah
    Merton College
    The history of cartography from the sixteenth to the nineteenth centuries

    BENGTSON Mr Jonathan
    Queen's College
    Library history, c.1500-1800

    BULLOCH Dr Penelope
    Balliol College
    Early printed books and manuscripts in Oxford college libraries

    COATES Dr Alan
    Bodleian Library
    Incunabula; medieval library history, especially book collections of Reading Abbey

    FERDINAND Dr Christine Y.
    Magdalen College
    The book trade from the fifteenth to the eighteenth centuries; the newspaper trade in the eighteenth century; library history

    GROOM Mr Geoffrey
    Bodleian Library
    Printed book collections in the Bodleian Library

    HILL Mr Brad S
    Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies
    Hebrew printing and bibliography

    JENSEN Dr Kristian
    Bodleian Library
    Incunabula; history of collections; textbooks

    KAUFFMANN Dr Martin
    Bodleian Library
    Medieval manuscript illumination

    KIDD Mr Peter
    Bodleian Library
    Medieval book production; the provenance of medieval mss; illuminated and liturgical mss

    MACNAB The Revd K.E.
    Pusey House
    Patristic and liturgical books; canon law

    English Antiquarian Section, British Library
    Seventeenth-century London book trade; sixteenth- to eigh-teenth-century catalogues and libraries

    MORGAN Mr Paul
    Bodleian Library
    English provincial book trade before 1840; library history; provenance

    MORGAN, Ms Gaye
    Early Printed Books Project, 65 St Giles'
    History of bookbinding; library history; historical bibliography; early printing

    Corpus Christi College Library
    Early collections

    POWELL Miss Helen
    Queen's College Library
    Queen's College Library pre-1850, especially the collections of Thomas Barlow (d. 1691) and Joseph Williamson (d. 1701)

    PURCELL Mr Mark
    Christ Church Library
    Oxford libraries in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries

    SAROSI Mrs M
    Harris Manchester College Library
    Oxford Bibliographical Society

    SIMPSON Ms Julianne
    Early Printed Books Project, 65 St Giles'
    Sixteenth-century continental books; library history; history of bookbinding; provenance

    STEMP Ms Jane
    Early Printed Books Project, 65 St Giles'
    pre-1640 books published outside Britain in languages other than English

    SZURKO Mrs Marjory
    Keble College
    Text production pre-1800

    Bodleian Library
    The British book trade in the eighteenth century; the technology of printing

    WALKER Dr Gregory
    Bodleian Library
    Russian and Soviet publishing industry (primarily recent/contemporary); editorial board (former editor) of Solanus


    ARMSTRONG Dr Adrian
    Dept of French, Manchester University
    Interaction of literary forms with technologies of textual production in France, c.1400-1550

    BROCKLISS Dr Lawrence
    Magdalen College
    Early Modern France: dissemination of scientific ideas

    BRUTEN Dr Avril
    St Hugh's College
    Medieval rhetoric

    COOPER Prof Helen
    University College
    Medieval/Renaissance including the printing of medieval vernacular texts in the sixteenth century

    COOPER Dr Richard
    Brasenose College
    Books in sixteenth-century France, especially Lyon

    DARNTON Prof Robert
    All Souls College
    The book in France in the eighteenth century

    EVANS Prof R J W
    Oriel College
    Book history in Central Europe

    FINCH Dr Alison
    Merton College
    Critical editions of Proust

    GILL Prof Stephen
    Lincoln College
    Publishing 1770-1900; especially Wordsworth; provincial printings; American issues

    GILLESPIE Dr Vincent
    St Anne's College
    Late medieval miscellanies and religious manuscripts; scribes and owners of medieval manuscripts

    GRIFFIN Dr Clive
    Trinity College
    History of the Spanish and Spanish-American book in the sixteenth century

    HANNA Dr Ralph
    Keble College
    Late medieval manuscripts

    HUDSON Prof Anne
    Lady Margaret Hall
    Medieval English and Latin materials connected with Wyclif and Lollards

    JOHNSON Ms Jeri
    Exeter College
    Twentieth century British and American literary modernism and textual bibliography

    KEYMER Dr Thomas
    St Anne's College
    Samuel Richardson as author/printer; eighteenth century serial publication

    LEWIS Dr R G
    St Anne's College
    The book in France in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries

    MACLEAN Prof Ian
    All Souls College
    The trade in learned books in Europe 1550-1630

    McCABE Dr Richard
    Merton College
    Edmund Spenser, Tudor colonialism and Renaissance Drama

    McCARTNEY Anne
    University of Ulster/Queens University, Centre for Irish Literature and Bibliography, University of Ulster, Coleraine, BT52 1SA 01265
    History of the Irish Book, especially nineteenth century

    McCREERY Dr Cindy
    St Peter's College
    Eighteenth-century political and social engraved caricatures; prints of ports; periodical illustrations

    McDONALD Dr Peter
    St Hugh's College
    Nineteenth- and twentieth-century book history

    McKENZIE Prof Don
    Pembroke College
    Seventeenth-century London book trade

    Hertford College
    Scholars' libraries in England in the seventeenth century; printed Bibles

    MAPSTONE Dr Sally
    St Hilda's College
    Co-editor of volume 1 of the projected History of the Book in Scotland

    MEE Dr Jon
    University College

    MOORE Dr H D
    Corpus Christi College
    Early modern English literature

    NORBROOK Dr David
    Magdalen College
    Seventeenth-century literature and politics

    O'DONOGHUE Mr Bernard
    Wadham College
    Medieval English, especially 1300-1500

    PALMER Prof N F
    St Edmund Hall
    German and Latin MSS in the Middle Ages: library history: early printing; blockbooks

    RAVEN Dr James
    Mansfield College
    Book trade in Britain, Ireland, Western Europe and the colonies, c.1660-1820

    RIVERS Dr Isabel
    St Hugh's College
    1660-1800 English religious and moral thought; evangelicalism and dissent

    ROBERTS Mr Julian
    Wolfson College
    Book production and trade; importing; collecting/libraries

    RUNDLE Mr David
    Mansfield College
    Humanist manuscripts and their circulation in England in the fifteenth and early sixteenth centuries

    SMALL Dr Helen
    Pembroke College
    Nineteenth-century history of reading

    SMITH Dr Lesley
    Harris Manchester College
    Biblical exegesis in the medieval period; Boethius MSS

    SMITH Dr Nigel
    Keble College
    Literature, religion and politics 1500-1800

    SUAREZ Fr Michael, S J
    Campion Hall

    SUTHERLAND Dr Kathryn
    St Anne's College
    History of the book in England and Scotland 1750-1850; textual criticism and theories of text

    TAYLOR Dr Jane
    St Hilda's College
    Late medieval mss and incunabula

    Christ Church
    Sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century book history in Spain; censorship

    WATANABE Dr Helen
    Exeter College
    Festival books in Europe, 1500-1800

    WILSON Mr Edward
    Worcester College
    Late medieval manuscripts and early printed books

    ZANCANI, Dr Diego
    Balliol College
    Italian fifteenth-century manuscripts and early printing

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