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Updated August 2006!

Jason McElligott, the Lyell Research Fellow in the History of the Early Modern Printed Book, is currently updating the directory of Oxford researchers interested in manuscript studies and the history of the book. If you wish to have your details included, please complete and submit the form below. If you have any queries, please contact Dr McElligott at Merton (jason.mcelligott@merton.ox.ac.uk).

NB. This form is only for researchers who are based in Oxford.

Manuscript studies and history of the book
A directory of Oxford researchers


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graduate library staff independent scholar
teaching / research staff retired Other (please specify below)

General area of interest:
Manuscripts and / or Printed books

palaeography codicology papyrology
typography print technology book trade
bibliophilia reading book-binding
textual transmission illuminations & images library history

Centuries of interest:
pre-codex 4th A.D. 5th A.D.
6th A.D. 7th A.D. 8th A.D. 9th A.D. 10th A.D.
11th A.D. 12th A.D. 13th A.D. 14th A.D. 15th A.D.
16th A.D. 17th A.D. 18th A.D. 19th A.D. 20th A.D.
21st A.D.

Short description of relevant research interests

N.B. This field cannot be left blank


N.B. Once you press 'submit', you will be taken to a page saying you should press the 'back' button to return to this page - your details will have been sent! Follow this link to return to the HoBo homepage.

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