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The Sandars, Lyell, Panizzi and McKenzie Lectures 1895-present

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The Sandars, Lyell and Panizzi Lectures are each a series of bibliographical lectures given annually at the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford and the British Library respectively; the McKenzie lecture is an annual lecture given at the University of Oxford. The following provides a catalogue of all Sandars, Lyell, Panizzi and McKenzie lectures up to the present day. The list of Sandars lectures for 1895-1983 and Lyell lectures for 1952-1983 is reproduced, with permission, from David McKitterick, The Sandars and Lyell lectures: A Checklist (New York: Jonathan A. Hill, 1983), Cambridge University Library copy, no. 4 out of a limited edition of 300, shelfmark: Uc.9.1743

A slightly divergent list of the Sandars lecturers (1895-1991), but without details of their subjects, can be found at http://www.cus.cam.ac.uk/~jld1/lists/ (select 'Academic Officers'; 'Lectureships: Special Foundations'; 'Bibliography'). [I am grateful to Elisabeth Leedham-Green for drawing this list to my attention.]

A list of Lyell lectures and their resulting publications can be found here: http://www.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/bodley/about/exhibitions/lyell

CUL - Cambridge University Library
BL - British Library

Sandars Lectures, Cambridge: 1895-1983

1895 Sir Edward Maunde Thompson, K.C.B., D.C.L., Director and Principal Librarian, the British Museum: Greek and Latin Palaeography; CUL MS Add. 3844; BL MS Add. 35088

1896 Charles Henry Middleton-Wake, M.A., Christ's College, Art Director of the South Kensington Museum and former Director of the Fitzwilliam Museum: The Invention of Printing. A Series of Four Lectures delivered in the Lent Term of 1897 (London: Privately Printed, 1897)

1897 William Henry Stevenson, M.A., Fellow and Librarian, St. John's College, Oxford: The Anglo-Saxon Chancery

1898 Edward Gordon Duff, M.A., Librarian of the John Rylands Library, Manchester: The Printers, Stationers and Bookbinders of London and Westminster in the 15th Century (Aberdeen: Privately Printed, 1899); CUL MS Add. 5712 [Duff's working copy of the printed text is in CUL, classmark Adv. c. 104.25. Cf. The Printers, Stationers and Bookbinders of Westminster and London from 1476 to 1535 (Cambridge: 1906), which printed the present lectures as well as those for 1903; Duff's working copy is in CUL, classmark Adv. d. 104.3]

1899 John Willis Clark, M.A., formerly Fellow of Trinity College; Registrary of the University: The Care of Books (Cambridge: 1901; 2nd edn, revised, with eight new illustrations, 1902; reissued, 1909; reprint of 1902 edition, London: Variorum Reprints, 1975)

1900 Frederic George Kenyon, M.A. (Oxon), Assistant Keeper of Manuscripts, the British Museum: Greek Writing, B.C. 300-A.D. 900; CUL MS Add. 4187; BL MS Add. 36637

1901 Henry Yates Thompson, B.A.: English and French Illustrated Manuscripts of the 13th-15th Centuries [Cf. A Lecture on Some English Illustrated Manuscripts (London: Printed for Private Circulation, 1902)

1902 Montague Rhodes James, Litt. D., Fellow of King's College: Collection of Manuscripts at Cambridge, their History, Sources and Contents; CUL MS Add. 4229; BL Ac. 2660.m(1) [The first of James's two lectures was published in the Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, 1980, pp.395-410]

1903 Edward Gordon Duff (see 1898): The Printers, Stationers and Bookbinders of London from the Year 1500 to the Year 1535; CUL MS Add. 4230; BL Ac. 2660.m(2) [For the published lectures see under 1898]

1904 Henry Yates Thompson (see 1901): Illustrated Manuscripts of the 11th-15th Centuries; CUL MS Add. 4374; BL MS Add. 37338

1905 Sir Edward Maunde Thompson (see 1895): The History of Illumination and Ornamentation of MSS; CUL MS Add. 4410; BL MS Add. 37401

1906 Frederic William Maitland, LL.D., Trinity College, Cambridge; Downing Professor of the Laws of England [Maitland did not lecture, and died on 20 December 1906]

1907-08 Francis John Henry Jenkinson, M.A., Fellow of Trinity College and University Librarian: Books Printed at Cologne by Ulrich Zell; CUL MS Add. 6592; BL Ac.2660.m(3) [Cf. "Ulrich Zell's Early Quartos" in The Library, 4th Series, vol. 7 (1926-27), pp.46-66, "read at Cambridge as a Sandars Lectures, 4 December 1908"]

1909 Falconer Madan, M.A. (Oxon.), Sub-Librarian, the Bodleian Library: Localisation and Dating of MSS; CUL MS Add. 4486; BL MS Add. 37815 [Part of the same material was used in Madan's "The Localization of Manuscripts" in H.W.C. Davis (ed.) Essays in History Presented to Reginald Lane Poole (Oxford: 1927), pp.5-29]

1910 Wallace Martin Lindsay, M.A., Professor of Humanity at the University of St Andrews: Latin Abbreviations in Early Minuscule; CUL MS Add. 4535 (copy made by G.W. Webb, Library Assistant, and revised by Lindsay in 1910); BL MS Add. 38095. [Not published, but cf. Lindsay's Notae Latinae; an Account of Abbreviations in Latin MSS. of the Early Minuscule Period (c.700-850) (Cambridge: 1915); reprinted by Georg Olms, Hildesheim: 1963, with a supplement (first published Cambridge: 1936) by Doris Bains]

1911 Edward Gordon Duff (see 1898): The English Provincial Printers, Stationers and Bookbinders to 1557 (Cambridge: 1912); CUL MS Add. 4542; BL Ac. 2660.m(4) [Duff's annotated copy of the printed version is in CUL, class-mark Adv. d.104.4]

1912 Arthur Ernest Cowley, D. Litt. (Oxon.), Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford and Sub-Librarian, the Bodleian Library; The Papyri of Elephantine; CUL MS Add. 5346; BL 754.ee.4

1913 Walter Wilson Greg, Litt. D., Librarian of Trinity College: "Bibliographical and Textual Problems of the English Miracle Cycles" in The Library, 3rd Series, Vol. 5 (1914), pp.1-30, 168-205, 280-319, and 365-399 [Reprinted in book form by Alexander Moring, London: 1914]

1914 Elias Avery Loew, Ph.D., Research Associate, the Carnegie Institute, Washington: (1) Characteristics of the so-called National Scripts; (2) Graeco-Latin Manuscripts; (3) The Codex Bezae and the Codex Laudianus; CUL MS Add. 5907; BL MS Add. 39174

1915 Alfred William Pollard, M.A. (Oxon.), Assistant Keeper, the British Museum: The Conditions of Printing and Publishing in Shakespeare's Day in their Relation to his Text [Pollard's four lectures were published in The Library, 3rd Series, Vol. 7 (1916): "The Regulation of the Book Trade in the Sixteenth Century" (pp.18-43); "Authors, Players, and Pirates in Shakespeare's Day" (pp.73-101); "The Manuscripts of Shakespeare's Plays (pp.198-226); "The Improvers of Shakespeare" (pp.265-90). Published as Shakespeare's Fight with the Pirates and the Problems of the Transmission of his Text (London: Alexander Moring, 1917; 2nd ed., revised, Cambridge: 1920; Repr. Cambridge: 1967). Pollard replaced Konrad Haebler, Director of the Royal Library, Berlin, who was originally appointed. Due to Pollard's bad stutter, his lectures were read for him by Mr. Stephen Gaselee.]

1916-20 Lectures suspended

1921 Edward Wyndham Hulme, B.A., sometime Librarian, the Patent Office: Statistical Bibliography in Relation to the Growth of Modern Civilization; Two Lectures delivered in the University of Cambridge in May 1922 (London: Grafton & Co., 1923) ["The concluding portion of four lectures" (p.5)]

1922 William Craddock Bolland, M.A., Magdalene College, barrister: Readings on the Year Books; published as A Manual of Year Book Studies (Cambridge Studies in English Legal History: 1925) ["The text of this book reproduces, with some expansions and some compressions, the lectures which I delivered...during my tenure of the Sandars Readership in Bibliography" (p.xvii)]

1923 Montague Rhodes James (see 1902): The Pictorial Illustration of the Old Testament from the 4th to the 16th Century; CUL CCB.10.2; BL Ac.2660.m(5) [An enlarged version was published as the introduction to A Book of Old Testament Illustrations of the Middle of the Thirteenth Century...now in the Pierpont Morgan Library (Roxburghe Club, 1927). A new edition entitled Old Testament Miniatures, with a preface by John Plummer, published by Phaidon, London: 1969, does not include Cockerell's lectures.]

1924 Emery Walker, F.S.A: Printing for Book Production; original typescript in the Humanities Research Center, Austin, Texas; photocopy in CUL 860.b.153

1925 Ellis Hovell Minns, Litt. D., Fellow of Pembroke College and University Lecturer in Palaeography: The Influence of Materials upon Writing; CUL MS Add. 6588; BL MS Add. 41320

1926 Arundell James Kennedy Esdaile, M.A., Secretary, the British Museum: The Sources of English Literature. A Guide for Students (Cambridge: 1928; reprinted with corrections, Cambridge: 1929); CUL 857.b.730.1; BL Ac.2660.m(6)

1927 Geoffrey Dudley Hobson, M.V.O., M.A. (Oxon.), Director of Sotheby's: English Binding before 1500 (Cambridge: 1929)

1928 Ronald Brunlees McKerrow, Litt. D., Editor Review of English Studies: The Relationship of English Printed Books to Authors' Manuscripts in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries; CUL 860.b.87; BL MS Add. 41998 (edited text published in Studies in Bibliography 53 (2000), pp.1-67)

1929 Seymour de Ricci: English Collectors of Books & Manuscripts (1530-1930) and their Marks of Ownership (Cambridge: 1930; first American edition, New York: Macmillan, 1930; authorized reprint edition, Bloomington: Indiana University Press, [1960] and London: Holland Press, 1960; also reprinted by Burt Franklin, New York: [1969])

1930 Julius Victor Scholderer, M.A. (Oxon.), Deputy Keeper, Department of Printed Books, the British Museum: The Invention of Printing; Facts and Theories; CUL 866.b.45; BL MS Add. 43832 [Scholderer's article "The Invention of Printing" in The Library, 4th Series, Vol. 21 (1940), pp.1-25 is not the same; it represents his later thoughts]

1931 Stanley Arthur Morison, typographer: The English Newspaper. Some Account of the Physical Development of Journals Printed in London between 1622 & the Present Day (Cambridge: 1932)

1932 John Dover Wilson, Litt.D., Professor of Education, King's College, London: The Manuscript of Shakespeare's Hamlet and the Problem of its Transmission. An Essay in Critical Bibliography 2 vols. (New York & Cambridge: 1934); BL MS Add.43404

1933 Geoffrey Langdon Keynes, M.D.: John Evelyn: A Study in Bibliophily and a Bibliography of his Writings (Cambridge: 1937; 2nd edition, Oxford: 1968); CUL 850.b.76; BL Ac.2660.m(7)

1934 Eric George Millar, D.Litt. (Oxon.), Deputy Keeper, Department of Manuscripts, the British Museum: Some Aspects of the Comparative Study of Illuminated Manuscripts; CUL 898.b.137; BL MS Add. 43971

1935 Sir Stephen Gaselee, M.A., K.C.M.G., Fellow of Magdalene College and Librarian of the Foreign Office: Bibliography and the Classics; CUL 850.c.118; BL Ac.2660.m(8) [See also Classical Association Proceedings XXXVII (1940), reprinting "about two-thirds of them...as my presidential address" (postcard from Gaselee pasted into the BL copy)]

1936 Cosmo Alexander Gordon, M.A.: Manuscript Missals; the English Uses; CUL S100.a.93.8-9; BL MS Add. 44920-21 (including supplementary lists of Alleluia verses for the Sunday after Pentecost in the MSS discussed in the text)

1937 Michael Thomas Harvey Sadleir, M.A. (Oxon.): "Aspects of the Victorian Novel" in Publishing History Vol. 5 (1979), pp.7-47, where it "has been lightly edited by Mr. Simon Nowell-Smith"; CUL 850.b.86; BL Ac.2660.m(9)

1938 Charles Jasper Sisson, M.A., D.ès-L., Lord Northcliffe Professor of Modern English Literature, University College London: The Judicious Marriage of Mr. Hooker and the Birth of 'The Laws of Ecclesiastical Polity' (Cambridge: 1940); CUL S100.b.93.22; BL Ac.2660.m(10)

1939 Harry Richardson Creswick, M.A., University Library: Some recent Work on Early English Printed Books; CUL 864.b.85; BL MS Add. 45565

1940-46 Lectures suspended

1947-48 John Waynflete Carter, M.A.: Taste and Technique in Book-Collecting. A Study of Recent Developments in Great Britain and the United States (New York: R.R. Bowker, 1948); BL Ac.2660.m(11) with many MS alterations; reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 3 January 1948, p.16. [In a letter dated 20 March 1981, G.T. Tanselle writes: "The American preface is dated 1 December 1947 (the date on which the last of the three lectures was delivered) and the English preface 21 July 1948. Because the publication date of the American edition was 26 July 1948, just five days after the date of the English preface, it seems reasonably to suppose that the American edition precedes the English. (The two are indeed distinct editions, from different setttings of type.)" Some of the material appeared serially in the Atlantic Monthly, Publishers' Weekly, and The New Colophon before publication in book form. First English edition, Cambridge: 1948. Second edition, corrected, Cambridge: 1949. Reprint from the sheets of the second edition, with the addition of an Epilogue, London: Private Libraries Association, 1970]

1948-49 Francis Wormald, M.A., F.S.A.: (1) St. Augustine's Gospels; (2) English Mediaeval Drawings; reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 18 December 1948, p.720 [The first was published as The Miniatures in the Gospel of St. Augustine, Corpus Christi College MS.286 (Cambridge: 1954)]

1949-50 James Basil Oldham, M.A. (Oxon.): English Blind-Stamped Bindings (Cambridge: 1952); CUL 874.b.137; BL Ac.2660.m(12); reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 25 November 1949, p.780

1950-51 Sir Harold Herbert Williams, M.A., F.S.A.: (1) New Light on the Publication of "Gulliver's Travels", 1726; (2) Swift's Part in the Revision of the 1735 Text of "Gulliver's Travels"; (3) Swift's Corrected Copy of the "Miscellanies", 1727-32; published with slightly different titles as The Text of 'Gulliver's Travels' (Cambridge: 1952), CUL S727.b.95.1

1951-52 Henry Stanley Bennett, M.A., Fellow of Emmanuel College: English Books & Readers 1475 to 1557 (Cambridge: 1952; 2nd edition, Cambridge: 1969); CUL 864.b.100; BL MS Add.47465; reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 23 February 1951, p.124

1952-53 John Claud Trewinard Oates, M.A., Under Librarian, University Library: A History of the Colllection of Incunabula in the Cambridge University Library. See Oates's "A Brief History of the Collection", his Sandars Lectures printed as the introduction to A Catalogue of the Fifteenth-Century Printed Books in the University Library, Cambridge (Cambridge: 1954); CUL Cam.b.952.8; BL Ac.2660.m(13); reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 5 December 1952, p.807

1953-54 Ernest Philip Goldschmidt, M.A.: The First Cambridge Press in its European Setting (Cambridge: 1955) [Reviewed in the Times Literary Supplement,15 July 1955; because of ill health, Goldschmidt was unable to deliver his lectures orally]

1954-55 Sydney Castle Roberts, M.A., Master of Pembroke College and Secretary to the Syndics of the Cambridge University Press: The Evolution of Cambridge Publishing (Cambridge: 1956); CUL Cam.b.954.3

1955-56 Neil Ripley Ker, M.A. (Oxon.), B.Litt., Reader in Palaeography, University of Oxford: "Oxford College Libraries in the Sixteenth Century" in Bodleian Library Record, VI, pp.459-515 (there were specially bound offprints in grey wrappers). [See also Oxford College Libraries in 1556 (Bodleian Library exhibition catalogue, 1956)]

1956-57 Wilmarth Sheldon Lewis: Horace Walpole's Library (Cambridge: 1958); reprinted with a few deletions and corrections in A.T. Hazen's A Catalogue of Horace Walpole's Library (London: 1969); there were offprints in blue wrappers of Hazen's introduction and Lewis's piece; reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 17 May 1957, p.312

1957-58 Fredson Thayer Bowers, Professor of English, University of Virginia: Textual and Literay Criticism (Cambridge: 1959; reprinted, 1966; paperback edition, 1966); this book includes the Sandars Lectures and another delivered to the Bibliographical Society in London; CUL S700.b.95.2; reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 7 February 1958, p.80

1958-59 Henry Graham Pollard: "The English Market for Printed Books" in Publishing History, Vol. 4 (1978), pp.7-48; circulated privately at first in cyclostyled form; copies in CUL 850.a.12 and BL Ac.2660.m(15); reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 20 February 1959, p.104

1959-60 Richard William Hunt, M.A., D.Phil. (Oxon.), Keeper of Western Manuscripts, the Bodleian Library: Manuscripts of the Latin Classics in England in the Middle Ages

1960-61 Colin Henderson Roberts, M.A. (Oxon.), F.B.A., Secretary to the Delegates, Oxford University Press: The Earliest Manuscripts of the Church: Style and Significance; CUL 898.b.223; reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 10 March 1961, p.160

1961-62 Alexander Hyatt King, M.A., Assistant Keeper, British Museum: Some British Collectors of Music c.1600-1960 (Cambridge: 1963); CUL MR 420.b.95.1; BL 2737.sc.2; reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 26 January 1962, p.64

1962-63 Frederick John Norton, M.A., Under Librarian, University Library: Printing in Spain 1501-1520. With a Note on the Early Editions of the 'Celestina' (Cambridge: 1966); CUL 862.b.133; BL Ac.2660.m(29); reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 29 March 1963, p.224

1963-64 John Hanbury Angus Sparrow, M.A. (Oxon.), Warden of All Souls College, Oxford: Visible Words (Cambridge: 1969); reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 12 March 1964, p.224

1964-65 William Thomas Stearn, Hon. D.Sc. (Leiden), F.L.S, Principal Scientific Officer, British Museum (Natural History): Bibliography in the Service of Biology; CUL 850.b.152; BL Ac.2660.m(22) [An abridged version was published in Bibliography & Natural History; Essays Presented at a Conference Convened in June 1964 by Thomas R. Buckman (Lawrence, Kansas: University of Kansas Publications, Library Series, 27, 1966), pp.1-26]

1965-66 John Claud Trewinard Oates (see 1952): Abraham Whelock (1593-1653), Orientalist, Anglo-Saxonist & University Librarian; CUL Cam.b.966.2; BL Ac.2660.m(20)

1966-67 Sydney Smith, M.A., Ph.D., Fellow of St Catharine's College and University Lecturer in Zoology: The Darwin Collection in Cambridge University Library [Texts of the lectures were not deposited in the Cambridge University Library]

1967-68 Howard Millar Nixon, M.A. (Oxon.), Deputy Keeper, the British Museum: English Bookbinding in the Restoration Period; CUL 874.a.75; BL Ac.2660.m(16); reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 9 May 1968, p.488 [Part of the text was published in his English Restoration Bookbindings. Samuel Mearne and his Contemporaries (London: British Museum, 1974)]

1968-69 Bruce Dickins, M.A., Fellow of Corpus Christi College and Emeritus Professor of Anglo-Saxon: "The Making of the Parker Library" in Transactions of the Cambridge Bibliographical Society, Vol. VI (1972), pp.19-34; CUL Cam.b.969.9; BL Ac.2660.m(23)

1969-70 Alan Noel Latimer Munby, M.A., Litt. D. Fellow and Librarian, King's College, Cambridge: Gothick into Art: Connoisseurship and Medieval Miniatures, 1756-1850; CUL S405.81.b.9.61; BL Ac. 2660.m(17) [Recast with his Lyell Lectures (1962-63) and expanded as Connoisseurs and Medieval Miniatures, 1750-1850 (Oxford: 1972)

1970-71 John Scott Lennox Gilmour, M.A., F.L.S., Director of the University Botanic Garden and Fellow of Clare College: Some Freethinkers and their Writings; CUL S180.a.97; BL Ac.2660.m(26) [Not published formally, but a few cyclostyled copies were circulated privately]

1971-72 Frederick John Stopp, M.A., Ph.D., Fellow of Gonville and Caius College: Monsters and Hieroglyphs: Broadsheets and Emblem Books in Sixteenth Century Germany; CUL 850.b.175; BL Ac.2660.m(21)

1972-73 Michael Anthony Hoskin, Ph.D., Fellow of Churchill College: Virtues and Vices of Scientific Manuscripts; CUL 880.b.1580

1973-74 John Simon Gabriel Simmons, M.B.E., M.A. (Oxon.), Fellow and Librarian, All Souls College, Oxford: Russian Printing from the Beginnings to 1917; a View from the West; CUL 862.b.217 [Reading lists were distributed at each lecture. An exhibition catalogue Russian Printing to 1917, by Simmons, lists the books shown in the University Library during the series]

1974-75 Anthony Robert Alwyn Hobson, M.A. (Oxon.), Director of Sothebys: Some Book Collectors, Booksellers and Binders in Sixteenth-Century Italy; CUL 850.b.183; Bl Ac.2660.m(25)

1975-76 Donald Francis McKenzie, M.A., Ph.D., Professor of English, Victoria University of Wellington: The London Book Trade in the Later Seventeenth Century; CUL 850.b.188; BL Ac.2660.m(28); reported by Nicolas Barker in the Times Literary Supplement, 24 September 1976, p.1221 [Not formally published, but several copies were printed off and distributed]

1976-77 James M. Wells, Associate Director, the Newberry Library, Chicago: Two Hundred Years of American Printing, 1776-1976; CUL 862.b.241; BL Ac.2660.m(1977)

1977-78 David Fairweather Foxon, M.A. (Oxon.), Fellow of Wadham College and Reader in Textual Criticism, Oxford: The Stamp Act of 1712; CUL S250.b.97.336; BL Ac.2660.m(32)

1978-79 John Philip Wellesley Gaskell, M.A., Ph.D., Fellow and Librarian, Trinity College: Trinity College Library: The First 150 Years (Cambridge: 1980)

1979-80 John Gustave Dreyfus, M.A., typographer: British Book Typography, 1889-1939; CUL 864.a.36; BL Ac.2660.m(30)

1980-81 Wallace Kirsop, B.A. (Sydney), D. de l'Univ. (Paris), Associate Professor of French, Monash University: Books for Colonial Readers; the 19th Century Australian Experience; CUL 850.b.208

1981-82 William Henry Bond, Ph.D. (Harvard), Librarian, the Houghton Library, Harvard University: Thomas Hollis of Lincoln's Inn: Collector, Designer and Patron; CUL 850.b.201; BL Ac.2660.m(36) - published as Thomas Hollis of Lincoln's Inn: a Whig and his books (Cambridge: 1991)

1982-83 Ruari McLean, C.B.E: Moxon to Morison: the Growth of Typography as a Profession; CUL 860.b.163

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Lyell Lectures, Oxford: 1952-1983

1952-53 Neil Ripley Ker, M.A., B.Litt., Fellow of Magdalen College and Reader in Palaeography: English Manuscripts in the Century after the Norman Conquest (Oxford: 1960); Bodleian MS Dep.c.221 [See also A.C. de la Mare's Catalogue of the Collection of Medieval Manuscripts bequeathed to the Bodleian Library Oxford by James P.R. Lyell (Oxford: 1971), pp.xv-xxi, the substance of the first Lyell Lecture]

1954-55 Sir Walter Wilson Greg, Hon.D.Litt., Honorary Fellow, Trinity College, Cambridge: Some Aspects and Problems of London Publishing between 1550 and 1650 (Oxford: 1956); Bodleian MS Eng. Misc.c.603-8

1956-57 Stanley Arthur Morison, F.B.A., Hon.Litt.D. (Cambridge), Hon.D.Litt. (Birmingham): Aspects of Authority and Freedom in Relation to Graeco-Latin Script, Inscription, and Type, six pamphlets (privately printed, 1957; Revised (and edited and completed by Nicolas Barker) as Politics and Script (Oxford: 1972)); reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 14 June 1957, p.372

1958-59 Fredson Thayer Bowers, Professor of English, University of Virginia: Bibliography and Textual Criticism (Oxford: 1964; reprinted Oxford: 1966)

1960-61 Henry Graham Pollard, President of the Bibliographical Society: The Medieval Book Trade in Oxford; reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 14 April 1961, p.240. [The manuscript is among Pollard's papers in the Bodleian Library. Part of the first lecture formed the basis of his article "The Oldest Statute Book of the University", Bodleian Library Record, 8 (1968), pp.69-91, and much of the subject matter of the third was used in "The Pecia System in the Medieval Universities", in M.B. Parkes and Andrew G. Watson (ed.) Medieval Studies, Manuscripts & Libraries; Essays Presented to N.R. Ker (London: 1978), pp.145-161]

1961-62 Philip Hofer, A.M. (Harvard), Curator of Printing and Graphic Arts, the Houghton Library, Harvard University: The Artist and the Book in France

1962-63 Alan Noel Latimer Munby, M.A., Litt.D. (Cambridge), Fellow and Librarian, King's Collge, Cambridge: Three Nineteenth Century Collectors of Manuscripts [Recast and expanded with his Sandars Lectures of 1969-70 in Connoisseurs and Medieval Miniatures, 1750-1850 (Oxford: 1972); see the Times Literary Supplement, 29 March 1963, p.224]

1963-64 Jacques Guignard, Conservateur en Chef de la Bibliothèque de l'Arsenal de France: L'Art de la Reliure en France et l'Action des Bibliophiles; Quelques Aspects de la Question; reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 19 March 1964, p.244

1964-65 William Beattie, C.B.E., LL.D. (St. Andrews), Librarian, the National Library of Scotland: Some Aspects of the History of the Advocates Library

1965-66 Simon Harcourt Nowell-Smith, M.A., F.S.A.: International Copyright Law and the Publisher in the Reign of Queen Victoria (Oxford: 1968)

1966-67 Anthony Ian Doyle, M.A., Ph.D. (Cambridge), Keeper of Rare Books, University of Durham: Some English Scribes and Scriptoria of the Later Middle Ages. Some portions were published in A.I. Doyle and M.B. Parkes, "The Production of Copies of the Canterbury Tales and the Confessio Amantis in the Fifteenth Century", in M.B. Parkes and Andrew G. Watson (ed.), Medieval Scribes, Manuscripts & Libraries. Essays Presented to N.R. Ker (London: 1978), pp.163-210

1967-68 Harry Graham Carter, O.B.E., M.A., Archivist to the Oxford University Press: A View of Early Typography up to about 1600 (Oxford: 1969); reported in the Times Literary Supplement, 9 May 1968, p.488; see also ib., 30 May 1968, p.561

1968-69 Cornelis Reedijk, Director of the Royal Library, The Hague: The Labours of Hercules: Some Observations on the History of Erasmus's Opera Omnia

1969-70 William Burton Todd, Professor of English, University of Texas, Austin: Scholarly Texts; Variable Techniques and Designs

1970-71 Otto Ernst Pächt, M.A., Ph.D. (Heidelberg), F.B.A., Professor of the History of Art, Vienna University: The Art of Drawing within the Realm of Medieval Illumination

1971-72 Wytze Gerbens Hellinga, Professor in the Faculty of Arts, University of Amsterdam: The Bibliography of Early Printing in the Low Countries between 1767 and 1874

1972-73 André Masson, Inspecteur Général honoraire des Bibliothèques de France: 'Le Catalogue Figuratif'; A Pictorial Guide to the Contents of European Libraries from the Fifteenth to the Eighteenth Century. [Published as The Pictorial Catalogue; Mutual Decoration in Libraries (Oxford: 1981)]

1973-74 Alan Walker Tyson, M.A., M.B., B.S. (London), M.R.C. Psych., Fellow of All Souls College: Beethoven; Studies in the Genesis of his Music, 1803-09

1974-75 Terence Alan Martyn Bishop, M.A., F.B.A., Reader in Palaeography and Diplomatic, University of Cambridge: The Script of Corbie

1975-76 David Fairweather Foxon, M.A., Reader in Textual Criticism and Fellow of Wadham College: Pope and the Early Eighteenth Century Book Trade

1976-77 Thomas Julius Brown, M.A., F.S.A., Professor of Palaeography, University of London: The Insular System of Scripts, c.600-c.850

1977-78 Jeanne Veyrin-Forrer, Conservateur de la Réserve des Imprimés, Bibliothèque Nationale: La Famille Fournier et la Fonderie Typographique en France au XVIIIe Siècle

1978-79 Howard Millar Nixon, M.A., F.S.A., Librarian, Westminster Abbey: English Decorated Book Bindings

1979-80 Monsignor José Ruysschaert, Vice-Prefect, the Vatican Library: La Miniature á Rome au Quinzième Siècle

1980-81 Ian Gilbert Philip, M.A., formerly Deputy Librarian, the Bodleian Library: The Bodleian Library in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries

1981-82 Berthold Wolpe, R.D.I.: The Quest for Beauchesne: Contributions to the History of Elizabethan Calligraphy and Print-Making

1982-83 Jonathan James Graham Alexander, M.A., D.Phil., Reader in the History of Art, University of Manchester: Creation and Transmission: Methods of Work of Manuscript Illuminators in the Middle Ages

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Sandars Lectures, Cambridge: 1983-present

(This is a rough list, compiled mostly from details supplied by the Librarian's Office in the Cambridge University Library.)

1983-84 Professor P.C.G. Isaac: William Bulmer, 1757-1830: 'fine' printer; CUL: 864.b.166; BL Ac.2660.m(33) - published as William Bulmer: the fine printer in context, 1757-1830 (London: 1993)

1984-85 Dr J.J.G. Alexander: Artists and the Padua, Venice and Rome in the second half of the fifteenth century; CUL S405.81.b.9.111; BL: Ac.2660.m(35)

1985-86 Dr J. Harley-Mason: The Age of Aquatint: a chapter in the history of English book illustration

1986-87 Professor Ralph Leigh: Unsolved problems in the bibliography of J.J. Rousseau; BL Ac.2660.m(18) - published as Unsolved problems in the bibliography of J.J. Rousseau (Cambridge: 1990)

1987-88 Dr M.D. Owen: The Medieval Canon Law: Teaching, literature and transmission; CUL S250.b.98.22 - published as The Medieval Canon Law: Teaching, literature and transmission (Cambridge: 1990)

1988-89 Dr F.W. Ratcliffe: A Pre-Lutheran German Psalter: a case study of a fourteenth-century work; CUL S100.b.98.67

1989-90 Professor R.I. Page: Matthew Parker, Archbishop of Canterbury, and his books; CUL Cam.b.993.7; BL YA.1990.b.9121

1990-91 Professor D.S. Brewer: The Fabulous History of Venus: Studies in the history of mythography from the Middle Ages to the nineteenth century; CUL S700.b.99.1

1991-92 G.G. Watson: Lord Acton and his library; CUL 878.b.94

1992-93 W.N. Carter: Gutenberg's legacy; CUL 860.b.173

1993-94 Bamber Gascoigne: From priceless perfection to cheap charm: Stages in the development of colour printing; CUL 860.b.175; BL Ac.2660.m(1994) - published as Milestones in colour printing, 1457-1859 (Cambridge: 1997)

1994-95 Dr D.J. Bruce: 'The real Simon Pure': The life and work of George Cruikshank; CUL: S404:47.b.9.43; BL YA.1995.b.7460-62

1995-96 Professor A. Derolez: Textualis Formata and late medieval palaeography; BL YC.1996.b.8359

1996-97 Professor G. Thomas Tanselle: Analytical Bibliography: A Historical Introduction

1997-98 Mr G. Barber: Bibliography with rococo roses: The 1755 La fontaine Fables choisies and the art of the book in eighteenth-century France; CUL 862.b.327

1998-99 Dr P. Donlon: In Fairyland: Irish illustrators of children's books; CUL S404:45.b.9.117; BL YA.1999.b.5567

1999-2000 Mr N.J. Barker: Type and Type-founding in Britain 1475-1720

2000-01 Dr David McKitterick: Printing versus publishing: Cambridge University Press and Greater Britain, 1873-1914

2001-02 Professor Conor Fahy: Paper in the 16th century Italian printing industry

2002-03 Professor Mirjam Foot: Description, image and reality: aspects of bookbinding history

2003-04 Dr Christopher de Hamel: Sir Sydney Cockerell

2004-05 Dr Paul Needham: Fifteenth-century printing: the work of the shops

2005-06 Professor James H Marrow: Word-Diagram-Picture: The Shape of Meaning in Medieval Books

2006-07 Sarah Tyacke: Conversations with maps: world views in early modern Europe

2007-08 Dr Peter Kornicki: 'Having difficulty with Chinese?' - the rise of the vernacular book in Japan, Korea and Vietnam

2008-09 Professor Michelle Brown: The book and the transformation of Britain, c.550-1050

2009-10 Dr Gordon Johnson: From printer to publisher: Cambridge University Press transformed, 1950-2010

2010-11 Professor James Carley: From private hoard to public repository: archbishops John Whitgift and Richard Bancroft as founders of Lambeth Palace Library

2011-12 Professor Michael Reeve: Printing the Latin Classics--Some Episodes

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Lyell Lectures, Oxford: 1983-present

(I am very grateful to Reg Carr, Librarian of the Bodleian Library for supplying much of this list.)

1983-84 Professor R. Shackleton: The Bibliographical History of Montesquieu

1984-85 Dr G .N. Ray: The Art Deco Book in France

1985-86 Dr Edwin Wolf: Books, Bookmen, and Booksellers in Colonial Philadelphia

1986-87 Miss M. Pollard: Dublin trade in books before 1801

1987-88 Dr D.F. McKenzie: Bibliography and History: Seventeenth Century England

1988-89 Dr D.H. Reiman: The study of Modern Manuscripts

1989-90 Professor E.L. Eisenstein: Aspects of the cosmopolitan Francophone Press 1680s-1780s

1990-91 Mr A.R.A. Hobson: Two renaissance book collectors: Jean Grolier and Diego Hurtado de Mendoza: their libraries and bookbindings

1991-92 Professor R.H. Rouse: Book producers and book production in Paris: Family, shop and neighbourhood on the Rue Neuve Notre-Dame, 1200-1500

1992-93 Professor B. Fabian: English authors and German publishers in the eighteenth century

1993-94 Professor J. Trapp: Illustrations of Petrarch from the fourteenth to the sixteenth century

1994-95 Professor H. Martin: Du manuscrit au livre imprimé: mise en page et mise en texte des textes littéraires Français de la fin due XVe siècle au milieu du XVIIe siècle

1995-96 Dr Peter Beal: In praise of scribes: Manuscripts and their makers in seventeenth century England

1996-97 Professor R. Darnton: Policing literature in eighteenth century Paris

1997-98 No lectures this year

1998-99 Professor M.B. Parkes: Their hands before our eyes: a closer look at scribes

1999-2000 Dr D. McKitterick: Set in print; the fortunes of an idea, c.1450-1800

2000-01 Professor Rodney Thomson: The ending of 'alter orbis': books and learning in twelfth-century England

2001-02 Professor Bruce Redford: Designing Boswell's Life of Johnson

2002-03 Nigel Wilson: The world of books in Byzantium

2003-04 Professor Kathleen Scott: Suppleatur per ymaginacionem: Exceptional Images in Later Medieval English Manuscripts

2004-05 Professor Dr Reinhard Wittmann: Literary life and the bookmarket in Germany under the Swastika 1933-1945

2005-06 Professor Leslie Howsam: Historical Knowledge and British Publishers, 1850-1950: Discipline and Narrative

2006-07 Dr Mirella Ferrari (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore): The scriptorium and library of Bobbio

2007-08 Dr Kristian Jensen (British Library): Collecting Incunabula: Enlightenment, revolution and the market - rediscovering and re-creating the earliest printed books in the eighteenth century

2008-09 Dr Christopher de Hamel (Cambridge University): Fragments in Book Bindings

2009-10 Professor Ian Maclean (All Souls College): The business of scholarship: the trade in Latin books in the age of confessions, 1560-1630

2010-11 Professor David Parker (University of Birmingham): Describing the New Testament

2011-12 Professor Lukas Erne (University of Geneva): Shakespeare and the Book Trade

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Panizzi Lectures, London: 1985-present

(The following has been compiled from the catalogues of the Cambridge University Library and the British Library)

1985 D. F. McKenzie: Bibliography and the sociology of texts - published in 1986

1986 T.A. Birrell: English monarchs and their books: from Henry VII to Charles II - published in 1987

1987 K.W. Humphreys: A national library in theory and in practice - published in 1988

1988 Giles Barber: Daphnis and Chloe: the markets and metamorphoses of an unknown bestseller - published in 1989

1989 J.P. Gumbert: The Dutch and their books in the manuscript age - published in 1990

1990 J.B. Trapp: Erasmus, Colet and More: the early Tudor humanists and their books - published in 1991

1991 Bernhard Fabian: The English book in eighteenth-century Germany - published in 1992

1992 Malachi Beit-Arié: Hebrew manuscripts of East and West: towards a comparative codicology - published in 1994

1993 C.G.C. Tite: The manuscript library of Sir Robert Cotton - published in 1994

1994 Iain Fenlon: Music, print and culture in early sixteenth-century Italy - published in 1995

1995 David Woodward: Maps as prints in the Italian Renaissance: makers, distributors & consumers - published in 1996

1996 Charles Burnett: The introduction of Arabic learning into England - published in 1997

1997 Mirjam M. Foot: The history of bookbinding as a mirror of society - published in 1998

1998 Roger Chartier: Publishing drama in early modern Europe - published in 1998

1999 Glen Dudbridge: Lost books of Medieval China - published in 2000

2000 Professor Michael Twyman: Breaking the mould: the first hundred years of lithography

2001 Nicolas Barker: 'Things not reveal'd': the mutual impact of idea and form in the transmission of verse 2000 B.C. - A.D. 1500

2002 Christopher Ricks: T.S. Eliot's Revisions After Publication

2003 Antony Griffiths: Prints for Books, French Book Illustration 1760-1800

2004 Maria Luisa López-Vidriero: The Polished Cornerstones of the Temple: Queenly Libraries of the Enlightenment

2005 Will Ryan: The Magic of Russia

2006 Christopher Pinney: The Coming of Photography in India

2007 Jonathan Alexander: Italian Renaissance Illuminated Manuscripts in the Collections of the British Library

2008 Nicholas Pickwoad: Reading Bindings: Bindings as evidence of the culture and business of books

2009 Professor Anthony Grafton: The Culture of Correction in Renaissance Europe

2010 Professor James Raven: London Booksites. Places of Printing and Publication before 1800

2011 Professor Judith Milhous and Professor Robert D. Hume: Plays and their publication in 18th-century London

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McKenzie Lecture, Oxford 1996-present

(The following has been taken from the
unofficical D.F. McKenzie home page.)

1996 Dr David McKitterick: Printers in the Marketplace

1997 Professor Roger Chartier: Foucault's Chiasmus: Authorship between Science and Literature

1998 Professor Joseph Viscomi: Blake's Graphic Imagination: The Technical and Aesthetic Origins of Blake's Illuminated Books

1999 Professor Lawrence Rainey: The Cultural Economy of Modernism

2000 Professor Harold Love: The intellectual heritage of Donald Francis McKenzie

2001 Professors Patricia Clements and Isobel Grundy: Women's literary history by electronic means: the creation and communication of meaning in the Orlando Project

2002 Dr Paul Needham: The Discovery and Invention of the Gutenberg Bible

2003 Dr. Laurel Brake: 'Daily Calendars of Roguery and Woe': the Politics of Print in 19th-century Britain

2004 Graham Shaw: In or Out? - South Asia and a Global History of the Book

2005 Professor John Barnard: Keats and Posterity: Manuscript, Print, and Readers

2006 Professor Gary Taylor: The Man Who Made Shakespeare: England's First Literary Publisher

2007 Professor Robert Darnton: Bohemians Before Bohemianism: Grub Street Libertines in Paris and London 1770-1789 - Keats and Posterity: Manuscript, Print, and Readers

2008 Professor Isabel Hofmeyr: Gandhi's Printing Press: Print Cultures in the Indian Ocean

2009 Professor Jerome McGann: Philology in a New Key: Information Technology and the Transmission of Culture

2010 Professor Henry Woudhuysen: A.W. Pollard (1859-1944): Friends and Fine Printing

2011 Professor Paul Eggert: Brought to Book: Book History and the Idea of Literature

2012 Professor John B. Thompson: Merchants of Culture

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