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Follow the links for further details of each event. NB. Date at the end of each entry refers to date on which the entry was added to HoBo, not the date of the event itself.

  • Interdisciplinary workshop on The Book of Fame (10/3).[New!]

  • Early Career Research Network Symposium on Editing (10/3).[New!]

  • Course on Making the Most of Special Collections: unlocking secrets of early printed books (10/3).[New!]

  • Lecture by Peter W.M. Blayney (10/3).[New!]

  • Fully-funded AHRC studentship in Geography in Dialogue: Print Culture at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG), c. 1830-c. 2000 (10/3).[New!]

  • Podcasts from Oxford's Centre for the Study of the Book (10/3).[New!]

  • Textuality in Transition: A workshop on editing texts from medieval Britain (17/2).[New!]

  • Collaborative PhD Studentship: Music, print and culture in the 16th and early 17th centuries (17/2).[New!]

  • First workshop for the AHRC Network: Voices and Books, 1500-1800 (10/2).[New!]

  • Conference on Culture Wars 1900-1950 (10/2).[New!]

  • 2014 Library & Information History Conference on Medieval and Renaissance Lost Libraries (10/2).[New!]

  • Conference on Peversions of Paper (10/2).[New!]

  • Lecture on William Gray and his Books (10/2).[New!]

  • Programme for Archives and Texts seminar (10/2).[New!]

  • Confirmed details of Sandars Lectures (2014) (10/2).[New!]

  • Conference in Honour of Ian Maclean on Transforming the early modern Republic of Letters: Literature, Learning, Logic, Books (10/2).[New!]

  • Lowe lectures to be given by Dr Erik Kwakkel (10/2).[New!]

  • Graduate workshop on Thinking with Things, 1500-1940 (10/2).[New!]

  • Conference on Error and Print Culture, 1500-1800 (20/1).[New!]

  • London walk exploring Lonely hearts, wedding bells and illicit pleasures: a far from sentimental journey of how London loved in print (20/1).[New!]

  • Seminar on Textual Bibliography for Modern Foreign Languages (20/1).[New!]

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