Each year 2 or 3 Part II students join the group for their final year undergraduate research project. Although individual projects vary, they follow the main themes ongoing in the research group. Much of the work performed by Part II students is published. Below are recent examples (Part II and visiting students underlined) from recent years.

T. J. Coxon, M. Fernández, J. Barwick-Silk, A. I. Mckay, L. E. Britton, A. S. Weller and M. C. Willis* Exploiting Carbonyl Groups to Control Intermolecular Rhodium-Catalyzed Alkene and Alkyne Hydroacylation
J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2017, 139, 10142 [.pdf] OAlogo

X. Wang, T. N. Hooper, A. Kumar,
l. K. Priest, Y. Sheng, T. O. M. Samuels, S. Wang, A. W. Robertson, M. Pacios, H. Bhaskaran, A. S. Weller*, J. H. Warner* Oligomeric Aminoborane Precursors for the Chemical Vapour Deposition Growth of Few-Layer Hexagonal Boron Nitride Cryst. Eng. Commun. 2017, 19, 285 [.pdf] OAlogo

I. K. Priest, T.N. Hooper,* and A. S. Weller* Variable Coordination Modes and Catalytic Dehydrogenation of B-Phenyl Amine-Boranes, Dalton Trans 2016, 45, 6183. [.pdf] OAlogo

F. M. Chadwick,
N. Olliff, A. S. Weller* A convenient route to a norbornadiene adduct of iridium with chelating phosphines, [Ir(R2PCH2CH2PR2)(NBD)][BArF4] and a comparison of reactivity with H2 in solution and the solid–state. J. Organomet. Chem. 2016, 812, 268. [pdf] OAlogo

G. M. Adams
, F. M. Chadwick, S. D. Pike and Andrew S. Weller* A CH2Cl2 Complex of a [Rh(pincer)]+ Cation, Dalton Trans., 2015, in the press (special issue dedicated to Professor Ken Wade) [.pdf]

S. D. Pike, F. M. Chadwick, N. H. Rees,
M. P. Scott, A. S. Weller,* T. Krämer, and S. A. Macgregor* Solid–State Synthesis and Characterization of Sigma−Alkane Complexes, [Rh(L2)(η22–C7H12)][BArF4] (L2 = Bidentate Chelating Phosphine). J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2015, 137, 820 [.pdf] Selected as a JACS Editors’ Spotlight Article OAlogo

H. C. Johnson,
R. Torry-Harris, L. Ortega, R. Theron, J. S. McIndoe and Andrew S. Weller* Exploring the Mechanism of the Hydroboration of Alkenes by Amine-Boranes Catalysed by [Rh(Xantphos)]+ Catal. Sci. Technol. 2014 in the press. [.pdf] OAlogo

T. A. Shuttleworth
, M. A. Huertos, I.Pernik, R. D. Young, A. S. Weller* Bis(phosphine)boronium salts. Synthesis, Structures and Co-ordination Chemistry Dalton Trans. 2013, 2013, 42, 12917. [.pdf]

L. J. Sewell, M. A. Huertos,
M. E. Dickinson and A. S. Weller,* G. C. Lloyd–Jones Dehydrocoupling of Dimethylamine Borane Catalysed by Rh(PCy3)2H2Cl Inorg. Chem. 2013, 52, 4509. [.pdf]

S. D. Pike, R. J. Pawley, A. B. Chaplin, A. L. Thompson, J. A. Hooper, M. C. Willis and A.S. Weller* Exploring (Ph2PCH2CH2)2E Ligand Space (E = O, S, PPh) in Rh(I) Alkene Complexes as Potential Hydroacylation Catalysts.  Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2011, 5558. [.pdf]

H. C. Johnson, A. P. M. Robertson, A.B. Chaplin, L. J. Sewell, A. L. Thompson, I. Manners and Andrew S. Weller* Catching the First Oligomerization Event in the Catalytic Formation of Polyamino–boranes: H3B·NMeHBH2·NMeH2 Bound to Iridium. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 2011, 133, 11076

A. J. Pontiggia, A.B. Chaplin, Andrew S. Weller*Cationic Iridium Complexes of the Xantphos Ligand. Flexible Coordination Modes and the Isolation of the Hydride Insertion Product with an Alkene. J.  Organometallic Chem. 2011, 696, 2870 (invited contribution to a special issue)

A. Woolf, J. E. McGrady*, M. A. M. Alibadi, and A. S. Weller {Rh(PiBu3)2} fragments ligated to arenes: from benzene to polyaromatic hydrocarbons. Part II: computational analysis of pathways for haptotropic migration. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2011, 1626.

A. Woolf, A. B. Chaplin, J. E. McGrady, M. A. M. Alibadi, N. Rees, S. Draper, F. Murphy and A. S. Weller* {Rh(PiBu3)2} + fragments ligated to arenes: from benzene to polyaromatic hydrocarbons. Part I. An experimental approach. Eur. J. Inorg. Chem. 2011, 1614.

C. J. Stevens, R. Dallanegra, A. B. Chaplin, A. S. Weller,* S. A. Macgregor,* B. Ward, D. McKay, G. Alcaraz and S. Sabo-Etienne, [Ir(PCy3)2(H)2(H2B–NMe2)]+ as a latent source of aminoborane. Probing the role of metal in the dehydrocoupling of H3B·NMe2H and retro–dimerisation of [H2BNMe2]2 , Chem. Eur. J. 2011, 17, 3011.

G. Alcaraz,* A.B. Chaplin,
C. J. Stevens, Eric Clot, L. Vendier, A. S. Weller,* S. Sabo-Etienne.*, Ruthenium, Rhodium and Iridium Bis (sigma-B-H)  Diisopropylaminoborane Complexes, Organometallics, 201029, 5591.

N. S. Townsend, A. B. Chaplin, M. A. Naser, A. L. Thompson, N. H. Rees, S. A. Macgregor* and A. S. Weller,* Reactivity of the Latent 12-Electron Fragment [Rh(PiBu3)2]+ with Aryl Bromides. Aryl-Br and Phosphine Ligand C-H Activation, Chem. Eur. J. 2010, 16, 8378.

R. Dallanegra, A. B. Chaplin,
J. Tsim and A. S. Weller,* Dimeric and Trimeric Amino-Borane Oligomers Bound to a Rh(I) Metal Fragment, Chem. Commun. 2010, 46, 3092.

Part II and Visiting Student Roll–Call:
2017: Ben Hawkey Gilder, Hannah Griffiths, Louisa Britton
2016: Joe Skornia
2015: Amy Brown, Nick Olliff, Isobel Priest
2014: Marcus Drover (University of British Columbia)
2014: Robin Theron (Univeristy of Victoria)
2013: Gemma Adams, Lucy Currie.
2013: Laura Ortega (Seville)
2012: Rosalyn Falconer, Mark Scott and Rebecca Torry–Harris
2011: Tim Shuttleworth and Molly Dickinson
2010: Georgie Hart, Will Reilly, Heather Johnson
2009: Seb Pike, Anthony Woolf, Charlotte Stevens
2008: Jennifer Tsim, Nell Townsend, Rachel Hindley, Ashley Pontiggia
2008: Severine Moret (EPFL)