Dicky Salt
Richard Salt
The departmental museum was collected by Richard "Dicky" Salt (left) over many years, from a wide variety of sources in the UK and abroad.

The collection had never been adequately listed, so in early 1997 it was professionally catalogued by Audrey Eccles. The whole collection was then photographed by Nick White of Oxford Medical Illustration. All the photographs (about 320 images on 35mm slides) were digitised, and stored as high resolution TIFF and low resolution JPEG files.

This collection is now available to the world-wide anaesthetic community on the Internet. Please note that all of the images contained in the museum are:

  • Copyright of the Nuffield Dept. of Anaesthetics, University of Oxford, UK.

  • Available free of charge to academic or charitable non-profit organizations. Commercial users must contact us to obtain a licence before using any of the images.

Image Selection

Images can be browsed by category, or selected by searching for keyword(s). Items which match the search criteria are displayed as thumbnails. By default, the thumbnails are shown in "column" mode, with brief details of each image. Thumbnails can also be arranged as a "mosaic" without descriptions.

Clicking on the thumbnails in either mode results in a larger version of the image being displayed, with its full catalogue listing. There are also options to view a full screen JPEG (72 dpi, 800 x 512 pixels). The original high resolution TIFF file (2,700 dpi, ~26MB each in size) are no longer available on-line. Please contact us if you require these high resolution images.

We would welcome any information you have about any of the artefacts, please e-mail your comments to Duncan Young.


Original Concept : J. Duncan Young
Photographic Team (right) : Lionel Gale, Nick  White, J. Duncan Young, Louise Jackson,
Exhibits Catalogued by : Audrey Eccles
Image Scanning : Emma Robinson
Web Implementation : Jason Sewell & Gerard Robinson

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